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If you follow me on twitter or Facebook or even read my last few posts, you will likely know that my husband and I were in Edinburgh celebrating our first wedding anniversary.  I still find it strange to think we are married, let alone that it was a year ago, It feels like only yesterday!  Saturday was our actual anniversary so we decided that instead of going out for a posh meal in the evening, (because clearly we are so old we can't enjoy a good piss up) we were going to go for a posh champagne lunch instead and make a day of it.  We also decided that we would sample some of Edinburgh's finest watering holes throughout the day too and we'd eat in our hotel in the evening.

Originally we had planned to go to The Living Room for dinner, but we decided to switch it up, and without making any reservations we just rocked up at 1pm.  I didn't think we'd get a table as It was a glorious day in Edinburgh, the sun was out and the heat was unreal. Outside there were several tables and we were lucky enough to get one.

We started off with some Prosecco, and it was so lovely to sip it in the hot sunshine while pondering over the menu. The menu looked scrumptious, there was something for everyone and even if you are not into overly fancy food, there were light bite options and sharing platters available too that would suit someone with plainer tastes.  I was so hungry as we hadn't eaten breakfast so everything looked appealing.  I was torn between chicken and beef.

To kick things off Ian ordered the fish cakes and I went for the duck spring rolls with pear sauce.  Ian was suitably impressed with his fish cakes and my spring rolls were cooked to perfection.  The pear sauce was delicious.  The sweetness of the sauce worked so well with the duck and it really was a taste sensation.  As you can see the presentation of both dishes were fantastic.  I always think that presentation is key, if it looks good, its likely to taste good!

For main I decided on the Roast Beef Sandwich, not posh at all, I know, but if I am honest, I expected more from this dish. Ian stayed with the fish theme and ordered the Pan Fried Sea Bass.  He said it was the best fish dish he had ever tasted and he eats a lot of fish.  He also ordered a side of garlic mash. On the menu the roast beef sandwiched claimed it was finished with caramelised onions, however they were regular fried onions, not sweet or sticky as I would have expected. Nevertheless it was nice, not spectacular but it satisfied my hunger.  Should have gone with the chicken.

Regardless of the beef sandwich being a bit of a let down, the staff were so friendly and despite being out the door, service was impeccable and faultless.

After our mains settled we anticipated a desert but we were both feeling suitably full so we opted for some cocktails instead, mmm.

L - Jack Blushes / R - Strawberry Fizz

Jack Blushes was Ian's choice, a mix of Jack Daniels and starwberries, it tasted nice but it was really strong.  I picked a Strawberry Fizz, which was a mix of fresh strawberries and raspberries, with vanila vodka and prosecco, it was delicious. We sat in the sun a while longer, finished off our drinks and picked up the bill.  It was a pricey lunch, but we were celebrating so it didn't matter.  I ventured inside to find the ladies room and the dining area looked out of this world glamourous.  I think it would be a perfect place to dine in the evenings also.  It's definitely at the higher end of dining, and not somewhere we could personally afford every week, but definitely somewhere for celebrating special occasions and i'd definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting Edinburgh.  You will find the restaurant at the far end of George Street (opposite end from St Andrew's Square).

Kirsty x



  1. The spring rolls look amazing. It's so cute that the chips come in a little bucket.

    Water Painted Dreams

  2. I love this place - they do the best bellinis I have tasted anywhere! I'd recommend trying it for dinner one night - their ala carte menu is super yum :)


  3. my belly is actually rumbling now! Hoping to get to Edinburgh some time soon so this is going on the list :) x

  4. Thanks girls! The cocktails were delish! and it was a really nice atmosphere x

  5. Looks so romantic , beautiful xx


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