Friday, 1 November 2013


This week has been uber exciting, my husband and I purchased out first house!  My husband already owned a small one bed flat in the city, which I moved into, but now that we are married and hoping for family one day, it was time to upgrade to a bigger place! And to be honest there just isn't enough room for all my clothes & makeup.

We have taken a slight risk in the fact that we offered on this property before we've even put our own property on the market so I am hoping and praying that when the flat goes on the market next week someone snaps it up quick! 

I am so excited to be moving house, not only will we have 3 bedrooms but we will also have a bathroom with a BATH! Yes a BATH!  We have lived in a flat with only a shower for almost 4 years so a bath is long over due, I will definitely be taking full advantage of that!  I am also excited to have a garden, I love summer night BBQ's, and I love having friends over.  I am just so excited!

This weekend we have loads to do to get the house ready for they surveyors coming monday, we have last minute DIY to finish and a deep clean to do, to make sure it's showroom ready!

We don't get the keys to our new house until February 14th, and although it sounds far off, it's actually not.  With Christmas and New Year fast approaching we'll be in to January before we know it!

I'll be sharing a bit more of this journey when we finally get the keys as the property needs a bit of decorating to get it to how we want it, so if you like DIY/Home posts stay tuned!

Now I'm off to get my weekly fix of Damon (Vampire Diaries) 

Kirsty x



  1. Congrats on the new house. You must be over the moon about it. A bathroom with a bath is a great thing, imaging all the bubble bath where you can dream the stress away. Congrats again. Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Let me know.

  2. congratulations! I look forward to seeing decor and house makeover posts!

  3. Congrats! I bet you're super duper excited! Raspberrykiss xo


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