Friday, 3 January 2014


Happy New Year!!  I can barely believe it's 2014, but this year I move house, which is in 27 days!  

Over the last month I have neglected my blog, I failed miserably at blogmas, so I've decided that the only resolution I'm making this years is to not make ANY commitments when it comes to blogging!  I am just going to blog when I want to and not commit to a schedule as this is where it seems to go wrong.  There have been other factos which have affected my blogging in December, but I'm hoping thats out the way now!

I wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to those who entered my giveaway, it is now closed and with over 500 entries I am going to take some time to go through all the entries before announcing the winner!  Stay tuned for that! 

Christmas & New Year

Christmas was great, my mum came home from the states and we all spent Christmas at my aunties, it was good fun as always.  The hubs and I put a £50 limit on presents this year, as moving house has taken quite a bit of our pennies!  Nevertheless the hubs and I went slightly over and I got a lovely bag from H&M that I had my eye on along with some other bits and bobs.

We spent New Year in Manchester with my cousin and his girlfriend, we went down as we got tickets for the football, Man United v Spurs.  I am not a football fan but it was a fun experience, and seeing the likes of Rooney and Rio Ferdinand in real life was bizarre.  The hubs is a big football fan so this was right up his street!  We drove up and down which took 6 hours each way and it wasn't so bad at all! 

With only a few days left before returning to work I will be spending it packing and relaxing, we are off out this evening for some dinner and a movie!

Thanks for sticking around and I look forward to posting about my 2014 adventures in the weeks/months to come, as well as catching up on my fave blogs too!
Kirsty x



  1. aww seems like you've had a good christmas! I love the "page 3 of 365"! xxx

  2. Happy 2014! Glad to see you had a great holiday season!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  3. Is that the bag in the photo? If so it is gorgeous!

  4. Happy New Year! Love your blog :) Hope you have a beautifully blessed day.....
    Jayma @

  5. Happy New Year! I still keep writing 2013 on everything. I can't believe it's already here as well!



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