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My husband and I got married in September 2012, and pretty much as soon as we tied the knot we began trying for a baby.  Looking back now it really wasn't the best time as we were still in our little flat, however I wanted a baby and so the journey began.  After several months of trying and no joy, I became disheartened and we decided to give it a break.  We then thought about going traveling for 6 months, it was something that we both wanted to do.  We decided we would make our travel plans and once we returned we would commence with the baby plans once more.  Things didn't quite go as planned!  I got cold feet about the traveling and so we decided to buy a house instead, so that is what we did.  Meanwhile we started trying again, knowing we were moving to a bigger house meant we didn't have to worry about space, so 3 months into trying again we hit the jackpot, there they were, our 2 pink lines, we were pregnant!  I appreciate that 3 months in the grand scale of things is not long at all, and I am grateful every day that second time round we didn't have to wait to long at all!

6 - 8 weeks 
In the first few weeks I only had slight symptoms, tender breasts and tiredness and the odd cramping but nothing much else.  At 8 weeks we decided to pay for a private reassurance scan.  I wanted to know that everything was there and that I hadn't just imagined it!  Waiting on the 12 week scan to come around was also killing me.  I am so glad that we got the scan early as it put my mind at ease.  I'm sure all newly pregnant women scare themselves into thinking that something is wrong with every twinge and cramp that comes along and so the scan really did help me feel more at peace with it all.  At 8 weeks it's just a wee blob, but the best bit was seeing it's little flickering heartbeat!

From around 8 weeks I was completely off my food, nothing took my fancy at all and still to this day I am not fussed about food!  I haven't had any real cravings as such.  I also suffer from IBS and have found it to be worse now I am pregnant!  Some foods that I could eat before now upset my tummy, so it's been a bit of a nightmare all round trying to find food that I'm actually in the mood to eat and food that won't upset my IBS!

9 -12 weeks 
From 9 weeks I started feeling light headed, dizzy and sick in the mornings, it would start around 10 minutes after I woke up and as soon as I got in the shower I'd feel sick and I'd need to get out.  I would occasionally get the feeling of sickness randomly throughout the day.  This carried on for around 4 weeks and just as I was going into my 13th week it settled down.

I was also feeling extremely tired, I would come home from work, eat tea and head to my bed, it was ridiculous!  I didn't feel over emotional at all, I would get teary on the odd occasion over silly things like TV adverts or shows but I would laugh them off afterwards.

At 12 weeks I still didn't have much of a bump at all, it was more just flabby, I couldn't wait for it to pop out!

When our first scan came around we were both so excited to finally see baby again.  Baby had other ideas and would not play ball at all.  At first it was upside down, after a few wriggles of the bum and several star jumps it moved into a vertical position.  Neither position was good for the scanner as she couldn't get any measurements and so she recommended us to go back.  We headed back again 3 days later, but again baby was not ready to be seen.  Baby had moved but was curled up and refused to straighten their legs out.  I began getting a little worriesd especially after they got the consultant in.  She did try and reassure us that baby was probably just being awkward and that there was nothing worrying them, but we did need to go back again in 2 weeks!

I left the scanning department and burst into tears.  My emotions really took hold that day and I blubbed for ages.  The next day I was blubbing again and finally called my midwife who was lovely and reassured me that if anything was wrong they wouldn't have left me waiting 2 weeks!

At 14 weeks we went back again, and thankfully baby was sprawled out sucking it's thumb and all was perfect!  It's amazing how even at 12 weeks you have such a strong connection and the thought of anything being wrong is terrifying!  I know that some say your mothering instinct doesn't kick in until your baby is born, but I already feel that mine is there!

Kirsty x

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