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Where has the time gone?  I did my first post over a week ago, I do have loads to be posting as I am now 19 weeks!  I'll get those up in the next few days!  Work has been progressing in the house and our living room/dinning room is almost finished (thank the lord!).  Today's post looks at weeks 13 - 16 and I have a bump shot for you all!  

This was taken at 15 weeks, and on this particular day the little bean was sticking out quite a bit!

13-16 weeks 
Just after 13 weeks the feeling of sickness had passed and I was thankful, no one likes a spewy lewy!  I was still getting some dizziness, but this was mainly down to not eating breakfast when I should have (naughty me) between these weeks I was still feeling really tired and the regular loo breaks in the night continued.  I noticed an increase in agitation in the evenings especially when I went to bed, I guess I was experiencing some form of cramp in my legs!  I felt the need to stretch them out constantly.

From around 14 weeks, I began experiencing sharp pains in my tummy, they'd only ever happen at night when I was in bed and turning from side to side or coughing.  At first I was a little worried and called the midwife but she explained to me that it was all normal and what I was experiencing was something called round ligament pain - this is caused by all the muscles in your tummy stretching and when laid out flat it can cause a sharp pain.  This made sense, even now at 19 weeks I still get this occasionally, it doesn't last and eases off in seconds!  

Up until the start of this week (3rd march) I hadn't had much of an appetite and so up to 16 weeks I hadn't gained any weight (according to my scales).  I was a bit worried about it, although my regular jeans and bottoms were way to tight and really uncomfortable to wear!

The bump grows at night!
Something that I found strange was that by the end of the day my bump seemed a lot bigger at night than first thing in the morning!  I am assuming that is down to a bit of bloating from all the food that is consumed during the day.  Never the less I quite liked it!

From around 15 weeks I started to get paranoid that the bump just wasn't growing at all and to be honest it was getting me down, I'd moan to the hubby most evenings and get myself upset.  My friends would have endless text messages of moans also, they all reassured me that it does take time to "pop"!

Cravings, Emotions and everything else!
In the build up to Burns night I was really craving haggis, if you arent sure what that is, it's a traditional Scottish delicacy shall we say (google the contents), however due to the contents it's recommended not to be eaten.  I ended up having a tiny portion a few days after Burns night as the craving got so bad!    I also had a craving for ice cream with fruit and strawberry sauce, thankfully that I am allowed but that didn't last longer than a few days!  One thing I am missing is a nice cold glass of prosecco.  I am not a big drinker at all and usually stick to prosecco or alcopops when I go out, and I really didn't think not having those would bother me, however it appears prosecco has made it onto the cravings list!

Generally I have been feeling happy, I have had the odd day where I have felt a little sad for no reason at all, and I have had the wobble about the bump not growing, but I know that is down to my hormones.  Other than that I have been feeling great, no complaints!

Overall I would say that I am having a fairly easy pregnancy, I get the odd back ache here and there and I'm tired all the time but again I am thankful every day for this little bean and I can't wait to meet him or her! 

Kirsty x

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