Friday, 7 March 2014


From the start of this pregnancy my husband said he didn't want to know, I was torn with the idea at first, but I wanted to respect his choice.  Before I fell pregnant I always thought I'd have to know what I was having, and as I have a very indecisive personality I thought that as soon as baby was developed enough to find out the sex I'd be first in line at the scanning center.  However, I have surprised myself that I have gotten to 19 weeks and I'm really not fussed.  I have no real desire to find out at all.

With finding out the sex now so common I reckon 80% of pregnant women probably do (I'm assuming these figures) and I really thought I'd fit into that percentage.  Now that I am living this pregnancy I feel much different.  

These are a few of the main reasons I am happy with waiting on a surprise:

*  I believe that not knowing the sex may help me get through labour a little easier, although I am under no illusion that pain will be extreme, I will also know that with each contraction and push, i'll be a little closer to finding out what little bean is!

*  If I found out the sex I think i'd go into name melt down.  I also don't want my baby having a name before it's born, I think if it's named before it's born, it takes away all the excitement of revealing it to the world afterwards 

*  Although it would be nice to have some idea of colour schemes I quite like the fact that I only have the option of neutral with regards to nursery, as like I said I am indecisive and having to many options fries my brain

Although I only have a few reason, I think there all good enough for me!  I don't/wouldn't want to offend anyone who is finding out/has found out the sex of their baby as it is completely personal choice, and I think if it was my second baby I probably would! 

So for us we're sitting tight, just waiting for our bundle to arrive, pink or blue we'll love it all the same!

Kirsty x


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  1. It's definitely a very personal decision that's for sure and I don't think the right answer is the same for everyone. We found out and I'm glad we did. After 2 miscarriages I pretty much kept myself at a distance from my 3rd pregnancy in the hope it would hurt a little less if it all went wrong again. It meant I felt a bit disconnected when at 20 weeks things were still going well and I panicked a little. Finding out the gender made it feel a bit more real to me and gave me something to hang my hat on.

    However, if we hadn't had negative experiences previously, I think I might have waited. There are so few surprises left in life it's an opportunity for a lovely one x


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