Thursday, 29 May 2014


After my last post I took a bit of a melt down and decided that I didn't have time to blog, I was too tired and couldn't be bothered but here I am again.  I spent the whole of last night reading over my posts and being the hormonal wreck I am I even cried.  Not even at the end of this pregnancy and I already love reading back about it, and although I've been complaining the last few weeks about how I feel it's dragging, in all honesty it's passing pretty quick and soon it'll be over! So I thought you know what, just get back to it, update it when you can and I'll always be able to look back and remember it and how special it's all been.

I'll just pick up where I left off, however I am now 31 weeks preggo so I have a lot of documenting to do!

17-19 weeks
My concerns from the previous weeks over the lack of bump were still there at 17-19 weeks.  A few other pregnant ladies that I knew seemed to be showing loads more than me and it was getting me down.  I tried to take pics every other week to see if I could see growth, and I could slightly!  I still hadn't gained much weight between these weeks and that was also bothering me!

At 19 weeks I felt you kick!
My first full on karate kick came at 19 weeks, I could feel it really strong but my husband said he felt nothing.  Obviously I was feeling it from the inside and it still wasn't big enough for the movement to be seen but I was so happy that I'd finally felt movement. The movement continued to get  more frequent and i'd always get it after breakfast and lunch and especially after eating a creme egg!

Symptoms & cravings - still no cravings at this stage apart from the want of Prosecco (which is my one and only craving that's been consistent).  The dreaded heartburn was on the rise between these weeks and I had to resort to gaviscon (I hate the stuff).  I started off just taking the tablets, they're a bit chalky but I can deal with them.

Week 20
Another mile stone, it's scan week!  I was so excited to see baby P again.  I need the reassurance this week that baby was actually growing.  I know the anxiousness of not having a big bump may seem silly, but I am sure I am not the only one that's felt that!  I was pretty lucky that I only had to wait 6 weeks as I'd had a scan at 14 weeks as the wee monkey was not co-operating at the 12 weeks scan.

Yet again baby wasn't behaving, this time it was bouncing around and the sonographer couldn't get right in to check all it's vital organs so we were sent away to have a walk and come back.  I was thinking not again, this baby isn't even born and it's unruly!  We returned 20 minutes later and baby was behaving!  it was lying in the strangest positions, the one picture you see below is my favourite,  legs over its head, weird child :D

All was well at 20 weeks, everything looking normal and all in order.  We still don't know the gender of the baby, I try and guess every week, thankfully not much longer now and all will be revealed!

Kirsty x

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