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After this update I'll be right up to date and i'll add my updates weekly!  

Week 21
I was beginning to get a lot of movement, I could feel kicking almost everyday and I would try and get hubby to feel it but he said he wasn't feeling much at all.  I couldn't understand it as it felt so strong to me, however I did realise that it was inside my body and that maybe it still wasn't strong enough for him to feel it physically yet.  I took another bump pic at 22 weeks, it was starting to "pop" out a little more but my weight gain was still relatively low.  My appetite had returned and I was eating much better, still no real cravings at all, but I was slightly addicted to creme eggs, and baby seemed to love them (sugar high) as it would always have a mad half hour kicking after I'd eaten one!

Week 24 
I had my next midwife appointment.  I was looking forward to it as I had moved to a new surgery and had heard great things about the midwife there, my last midwife didn't really seem overly bothered that I was a first time mum and was pretty blasé about the whole thing.  I know they see pregnant woman day in day out but as a first time mum, going into this completely blind I did expect her to be a bit more accommodating and interested.  Anyway, I went along to the surgery and met with my new midwife who was lovely, she was a younger girl but spent ages with me going over everything  the last midwife should have told me.

Week 24 was also the week I got to hear the heartbeat officially and it was amazing!  The beats per minute were 138, which I believe may indicate a boy, however on her monitor my heart beat sounded like a galloping horse which i've read indicates a girl, so the moral of that story is it really is an old wives tale!  Week 24 also so the meteoric rise of the ghastly heartburn. My heartburn had gotten so bad that I was on the liquid gaviscon and going through 2 litres of milk a day! My cousin told me about a scheme that you can sign up for at the chemist called minor ailments, this allows you to get gaviscon from the chemist free without a prescription.  Only certain people are eligible but pregnant ladies fit the bill!

Also around week 24 hubby was able to finally feel all the kicking, and the movement could be seen clearly when looking at my tummy!

Weeks 25-27 
I was feeling well, but I was getting a lot of stretching pains.  I wouldn't say they were overly sore, just more uncomfortable than anything.  Baby was clearing having a growth spurt between those weeks!

Week 28
Took a whole new turn, I could see that my bump was noticeably bigger, and from all the stretching pain in the weeks before I knew baby had grown quite a few ounces.  Movement had increased a lot and baby was moving morning, afternoon and evening, I loved feeling it move around it's strange but reassuring.

I had another visit to the midwife at week 28, I was looking forward to it, another chance to hear the baby's heartbeat and to build up a bit of a relationship with my new lovely midwife.  When I arrived however I was told that my midwife from last time was no longer working the surgeries and had gone back into the wards :( so I got another lady and although she was nice, she wasn't half as friendly as the one i'd met at 24 weeks.  I was feeling a bit emotional about the whole midwife situation as I've not consistently had the same one and I kinda feel I've been shoved from pillar to post!  It's a good job I've had a fairly easy pregnancy. 

Week 29
I felt as thought baby was turning as the movement was super noticeable and I felt a lot more pressure as if it was trying to burst out my belly.  My tummy would make some weird shapes!  Running to the loo became more frequent again and I felt as though baby was constantly lying on my bladder.  At the tail end of week 29 I was feeling quite a bit of muscular pain quite low down and after lying in bed all night, getting up in the morning was presenting a lot of stiffness.  This baby is piling on the pounds I suspect and is becoming a little fatty :).  My sleep had become pretty broken again with at least 3 visits to the loo, resulting in me getting around 5 hours sleep a night.

Week 30 
Back to the midwifes for another check up at week 30, this time I met with yet another midwife but she was lovely.  She told me that the new midwife that was to be assigned to my practice would be there by my next visit - here's hoping she is nice!  At my 28 week appointment I had my final bloods taken along with my whopping cough jab, I got my results and all bloods were perfect!  

I asked the midwife to tell me where baby was lying and as I have suspected baby had turned and was head down, not engaged but heading in that direction!

Week 31
This brings me right up to present day!  I am currently 31+4.  This week so far has been good, the sun has been out and on Friday I took delivery of our baby furniture.  Bump has well and truly popped out and is growing rapidly by the day!  Movement feels a lot more like pressure, it's funny, when it moves it's almost like its pushing its bum in the air or arching it's back.  I can definitely feel baby is heading south, I'm getting a lot of pressure down there, and I feel like I need to visit the loo every 5 minutes.  Walking around for long periods really takes it's toll and I get out of breath so easily!  I fully expect to visit the midwife in another 3 weeks and be told baby is engaged.

In the past 10 weeks my emotions have been fairly steady, no real breakdowns or moodiness at all.  I only had one slight melt down last week when hubby ate something I had bought as I had been craving it and I got so annoyed, I did have a little rant about it but he did replace it that day, I think he knew it would be a very bad idea not to!  

Over the last 2 weeks I have been craving ice lollies, particularly fruit pastel lollies.  It could be a mixture of the fine weather and the fact they quench my thirst, either way they have definitely been my most consistent craving to date, and it's still going strong!

Kirsty x

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