Monday, 9 June 2014


This week has seen a rise in the lack of sleep I have been getting, it's gotten to the point that I actually dread going to bed at night as I know it's going to take me ages to get comfy.  As I mentioned in my last update my midwife advised that baby's head was down, I think it's literately head-butting my bladder, and lying down only makes it worse!  The tiredness is taking it's toll a bit now.  I only have 17 days to work and then my maternity leave starts, this can't come quick enough!
Heartburn! The dreaded evil heartburn is always there, just around the corner every breakfast, lunch and dinner time.  I am going through A LOT of gaviscon, it's become a way of life, swigging the liquid from the bottle, I don't even bother measuring it anymore.

I am in full swing with getting babies nursery ready and I am definitely nesting.  I'm not usually one for being overly particular about everything having a place, don't get me wrong I like a tidy(ish) house, but this last week I have been really agitated about everything lying about and I just want to do a massive clear out.  I can't do much about the boxes of furniture lying around until the nursery has been painted and finished.  I feel that once I start maternity the house will be blitzed!

I did have a melt down mid week, I got to work (luckily I work alongside one of my best friends) and my friend asked how I was feeling, that's all it took for a full on blubfest!  I am so tired with not sleeping, and still working full time, 5 days a week is really starting to get to much, and it all built up.  After I had a good cry to her and she gave me a huge hug I felt better, and the week carried on.

Fruit pastel ice lollies have been quite a consistent craving for the last 3-4 weeks, I have been known to eat 3 in one go, they are just so juicy!   

Weight Gain
I haven't weighed myself that often, surprisingly I haven't gained that much weight at all.  The last time I weighed myself (2 weeks ago) I had gained exactly 14lbs since I found out I was pregnant.

We're team yellow - we don't know, just waiting it out!

Maternity Clothes
This is something I haven't really covered in any of my updates, but I haven't really bought that much.  I did buy two pairs of jeans when I first fell pregnant from ASOS.  I got the use of these up to around 26 weeks, but once bump started expanding the elastic band sat under my bump and they were not comfy at all.  I also bought some maternity leggings from New Look which have been a firm favourite.  Along with the leggings, my mum bought me a few maternity tops which I have been wearing quite a bit.  Aside from the small amount of maternity clothes I did buy I have just been buying things in a bigger size or anything that's stretchy that fits over bump.  I picked up a few maxi dresses from Primark at the weekend that fit nicely and are really comfortable.  I don't plan on buying any more from here on out!

New Things this Week
Baby is super active most of the time which I love, I love feeling it move around but over the last week I've felt like my tummy has become so tight that baby is almost bursting out through my skin.  On Thursday evening bump got the hiccups, it was so cute, it was the first time I had experienced it.  I am still amazed by it's movements, I could sit and watch it all day long!

Kirsty x


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