Monday, 23 June 2014


So it's time for another update (I'm pretty late with this one this week, sorry!), week 34 is upon us, by the time you read this I'll be 2 days off week 35 so technically I only have 5 weeks & 2 days to go, woohoo the countdown is on!

This week I've still been super tired and it's getting worse.  I've endured some swollen feet, usually if I walk about for any longer than an hour they start to flare up.  In the past few days I have also felt some pressure down there and I need to wee every 10 minutes or least it feels that way.  Heartburn is still a problem, but I've kinda got to the stage where its just become the norm and a swig of Gaviscon sorts me out for an hour or so.

It's been another emotional week, and with the return of one born last week the tears were out in full force.  The lack of sleep is still playing a huge part on my emotions I think and it doesn't take much for me to shed a tear.

Nothing new on the craving front, I'm still enjoying ice water and lemon slices as I am so thirsty!

Weight Gain
So I decided to weigh myself on Saturday and to my shock I have gained 28lbs!  I know this is normal, but I've almost doubled in weight since my last weigh-in session!  Anyway It's mainly bump and backside which I hope I can shred away once baby arrives.

Still don't know only 5 weeks 2 days (hopefully) and we'll all know!

Maternity Clothes
I haven't bought anything maternity specific but I did purchase 2 new maxi dresses this week to wear over the next few weeks and as they are stretchy I will get use of them after the birth too!

New Things this Week

My husband and I attended our antenatal classes last week on Tuesday and Thursday, they were focused on preparing for and labour.  We both found them really useful.  I know that these classes can often be viewed as a waste of time by some, however we found them really helpful and lots of questions were answered for us that we were unsure about.  Everyone in the class was 1st timers too so it was nice to meet and chat to others in the same boat.  All of the classes are finished now and so I'm now just waiting it out until baby P decides to make their arrival!

Kirsty x


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