Monday, 30 June 2014


On Sunday afternoon I had plans with my two best friends to head out for a spot of lunch at a local hotel for some afternoon high tea to celebrate the start of my maternity leave.  The hotel (Carmelite) is known for it's hight teas, usually I'd opt for the intoxicating high tea but as I am almost at bursting point with this baby that's not an option (roll on wine time!).  However unbeknown to me the two of them along with my mum had been planning a surprise baby shower, and I wasn't going for high tea after all.

Two days before my friend had text me to say she would pick me up and take me to the hotel, I thought that was a bit strange as she lived nearer the hotel than I did and it would have meant she would be doubling her journey.  I tried to argue my point with her but she was having none of it and said she was driving and that was that, I just thought i'd go along with it (she often comes up with some backward ideas so I thought it was just one of her "claireisms).  Weeks before this she had asked me to look after her little boy on the sunday for a few hours, which I agreed to, however on the Thursday before she told me that his dad was home and he'd take him so we'd go out for lunch just the girls instead. Sounded good to me.

On the Sunday afternoon she picked me up as she said, just after 1, I was running late as usual.  I had a bit of a makeup malfunction and had to re-do my eye make up.  I was struggling to find anything to wear as the Carmelite is quite a nice place, and nothing fits me!  In the end I opted for a floral print top from New Look, it's one of the only semi smart tops I have left that fit me.  I had wanted to wear a dress but it wasn't warm enough.

We headed out of my street on our way to collect my other friend (or so I thought).  When we got to the junction my friend turned left, it was the opposite direction, I told her we were going the wrong way but she just said no we aren't and we took a right into the hotel car park which is near my house (not the carmelite).  At this point I knew something was up and asked why we were going there, she just said my other friend would explain it all.  I started to feel a bit emotional, I think I'd kinda guessed at this point that there was something happening inside and it wasn't just gonna be the two off us.  I couldn't see any cars in the car park that I recognised and that kinda confused me.  As we got inside I could see the function room which is straight ahead, as we got closer I could see my mother-in-law through the glass and I suddenly clicked.  As I walked into the room I was just so overwhelmed and I burst into tears (happy tears of course).  I'm not usually one for tears but this pregnancy has turned me into an emotional mini!  All of my family were there and a few very close friends.  I was gob smacked, I had no idea, usually I know about these things but I was completely speechless.

Everyone brought gifts, my auntie had handmade a cake, the girls and my mum had organised everything else including gift bags, balloons and banners.  Lunch was catered for and we had tea and cakes afterwards!  It was so nice to see everyone and it was a very chilled out afternoon.  After the tea and cake I opened all our gifts, there were loads!  If you follow me on instagram you may have seen a picture of my living room which looked like a baby bomb had gone off!

I had the best day EVER, and I cannot thank the girls and my mum enough for organising such a great day.  I think it made it all a bit more real that I am actually going to have a tiny baby in around 4-5 weeks!  It's insane!  I remember telling my family at Christmas time and thinking we had so long to wait but now it's almost here it just doesn't feel real!

Kirsty x

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  1. So sweet of your friends and family to do that for you! Glad you had a great time. And wow, I can't believe your due date is so soon! Time really flies. Can't wait for the little one to arrive - how exciting it must be for you :]

    xo Deborah
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