Friday, 11 July 2014


What's this a post on time? Never! Ha! Another week has flow in and I am now officially 37 weeks pregnant, and, I am now classed as "full term" although after yesterday's visit to the midwife it doesn't look like i'll be birthing this little one any time soon...

Heartburn, heartburn, heartburn!  It's getting worse I swear.  Sleep deprivation continues, I am really uncomfortable at night and I can't seem to get really comfy until my hubby leaves for work and I get the whole bed to myself.

This week I have been generally happy, however I saw the midwife yesterday and she told me baby was not engaged yet.  I left feeling a little deflated about the whole thing, I had really hoped that baby would have been head down and ready to rock and roll.  A few weeks ago another midwife told me baby was head down but I guess it decided it preferred to be diagonal!

Nothing new this week, I am still really thirsty and craving a thirst quenching drink, preferably something that doesn't make the heart burn worse, I've yet to find it!

Weight Gain
Not weighing myself until I hit 40 weeks!

Still guessing?

Maternity Clothes
I said last week that I wasn't buying any more but I ended up buying ANOTHER maxi dress.  They are just to darn comfy and with the hot weather we have been getting I feel most comfortable in them and they keep my kinda cool!

New Things this Week

Nothing new this week apart from the update regarding baby not being engaged.  Hopefully it will have engaged by my next midwife appointment in 2 weeks otherwise we may need to consider other options which I really do not want to have to think about.

I recorded my latest update and also What's in the Baby's Hospital Bag, check it out below and please subscribe to my youtube channel :)

Kirsty x

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  1. Fingers crossed this will be me very soon :) xx


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