Friday, 18 July 2014


I'm almost at 40 weeks, just 2 more to go but boy am I ready to meet this little one.  If it would like to make an appearance early then I'd have no problem with that!

Not many new symptoms this week, heartburn as always, and I am feeling a lot more pressure down there with each day. I've also been getting sharp dagger pains in that region also.

All been mainly good this week, apart from Wednesday when I just wanted to cry for no reason.  I am feeling so fed up waiting now and I think I just felt a bit deflated.  I am so uncomfortable now and no matter where or how I sit I just cant get any comfort.  Baby is well and truly occupying ALL the room there is in there.

Everything and anything edible is being devoured!  This week I have been so hungry, literally open my eyes and I am hungry.  I am hoping this is my body stocking up for the big day :) 

Weight Gain
Not weighing myself until I hit 40 weeks!

Still guessing?

Maternity Clothes
I haven't bought anything new and I definitely won't be buying anything now.

New Things this Week

So last week I was told baby wasn't engaged, to be honest I am not sure I believed it as a few weeks before I was told baby was head down.  So this week I was back at the midwife again so she could check the baby's position, and what'dya know, baby is now engaged!  Like I said I think the midwife got it wrong last week, she's a newbie and I don't think she was 100% confident - anyway I am delighted with the news and so now I am just trying every old wives tale to get this baby moving!

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Kirsty x

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