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Having never had a baby before, packing the baby's hospital bag was rather fun, all things baby related are fun at the moment, it's all new and exciting and as we wait in anticipation of our arrival I am constantly pottering around doing things in the nursery, organising baby bits and scouring the net for yet more goodies to buy, not that I need any more, my house looks like Mothercare as it is.

I bought our changing bag in TK Maxx, I had been looking for something that would suit either sex, but I didn't want black or cream.  I had browsed online, and all the usual shops that would sell bags but never found anything I liked.  Whilst I was in TK Maxx a few weeks ago I came across this bag and loved it!  It was exactly what I had been looking for.  The bag is made by The Bumble Collection company and is unfortunately an American brand, I haven't been able to find these anywhere else in the UK.  The bag retails for $89.99 which is around £52 so to get it at £22, I was delighted!  If you wanted to find something similar I can only suggest visiting your nearest TK Maxx.

I have already filmed a video on this topic, which I will link below, but I thought I would blog about this also so you can see in more detail what's actually in baby's hospital bag!  If I am missing anything please do let me know and leave it in the comments below.

L-R Handmade baby blanket (specifically for the car seat) | Muslin cloth ( I've packed about 2/3 of these) | Baby booties | Handmade cardigan | Baby socks (again I have about 2-3 pairs of these)

The baby blanket was made by auntie, it's incredibly soft and gorgeous.  The muslin cloths, and booties were from Asda, the cardigan was hand knitted by my Gran and the little socks were in a pack I got in Primark.

This cute little neutral outfit was purchased in TK Maxx too, I think it was £12.99 for the whole set.  I think it's just the cutest little set ever!  I had planned on this being it's coming home outfit, but it's not really that special so I will probably just use this for when it's first born.  I also got a lovely outfit at my baby shower which I totally forgot about and I didn't show it in the video.

This gorgeous little outfit is just oh so delightful!  This is the little outfit that I was given at my baby shower by my Auntie, I am in love with it!  It has little rabbits all over it.  I totally forgot to include it in the bag and it wasn't until I had filmed that I remembered about it.  This will likely be the outfit we take baby home in.  I believe that this outfit is from the clothing range available at Boots.  They have some seriously lovely stuff.

I've packed a few plain baby vests as extras should we need them, I also have some plain white baby grows in the bag too incase we need to stay in a few extra days.  The welcome to the world baby vest was actually from Home Bargains, I thought it was very appropriate and I think it was £1.99 or something ridiculous.  The other vests were bought in Tesco and came in packs of 5.

Lastly I packed in some Pampers extra sensitive wipes, this was a recommendation from the midwife at the antenatal classes.  She said they would allow them to be used for the first poo, which is apparently very black and sticky and a nightmare to get off their little bums!  A few bandana bibs for feeding as I am planning on bottle feeding, a handful of nappies, these are also Pampers and in the 1st size, and some baby mits.  I have packed about 3 sets of these.

I haven't overloaded the baby's bag as I am hoping we won't be in for long, and if we are then my hubby can pick up anything extra.  Maybe you are thinking about packing your bag and so this might be useful.  If your already a mummy and know of anything else I am missing please tell me in the comments!

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Kirsty x


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