Tuesday, 15 July 2014


We're almost half way through the month, and as I missed the June favourites boat I thought i'd do a mid month favourites instead, this covers beauty bits that I have been using/loving since June to date. I'm currently reviewing a few new products that might just make it into a July favourites video/post.

Wake Me Up Foundation | Soft Beige
This is one of my all time favourite foundations, I ran out of it and had been using something else, I recently repurchased it and have been using it daily again.  The coverage of this foundation along with its longevity is faultless!  I would go as far to say that this foundation is very similar to the Estee Lauder Double-wear Light, in both consistency and lasting power.  For half the price you can't go wrong.

Real Techniques | Buffing Brush 
This brush has been in my collection for quite some time, more recently I have been using it to apply my foundation, I really love how this brush works the foundation right into your skin with minimal effort.  It's really soft and washes up like a dream.  
Sephora Nano Eye Pencil | 03 Pure White
With hayfever season in full swing, and being a suffering of the dreaded disease my eyes can often look red and puffy.  I try and combat this by applying eyedrops as soon as I get up.  My eye's really need that extra brightening boost during this season and so I have been using the Sephora eye pencil on my bottom waterline to really brighten my pupils.  This particular pencil is really creamy so makes application very easy and it doesn't irritate my eyes.

NSPA Body Butter | Moisturising Shea Butter 
This product was recently gifted to me at my baby shower, and as an avid fan of the NSPA brand I was sure I would love it, and I wasn't wrong.  The smell is incredible and the texture is thick and creamy, I feel like it really keeps my skin moisturised all day long.  My husband commented on how soft my arms were (random I know) but that was a good 8 hours after it had been applied!

Topshop Eye Crayon | in Marble
This eye crayon has been in my collection for a good year and half at least.  I dug it out again a few weeks ago, I like to apply this to the inner corners of my eyes and just under the brow bone to create a highlighted effect.  The crayon is creamy in consistency and can be easily blended.

Sleek Blusher | Rose Gold 926
Anything rose gold is a winner in my eyes.  I particularly enjoy this blush.  It's highly pigmented but blends out to a really natural pop of colour on the cheeks.  The high pigmentation of this blush makes it a great transition product going from a day look to a night look, just simply add more.

Bourjois | Bronzing Primer 
I love this product.  It took me a few months to purchase it after it's initial release, but I am so glad I have it now.  I love the sweet smell of it, and the consistency, it reminds me of an angel delight pudding.  The product can be used as a primer before applying your foundation to give a natural bronzed glow or you can apply it on top of your foundation as a bronzer, I usually do the latter.  Another build-able product should you want a defined contour.  I like this product for the summer months as everyone needs a bit of bronzing to warm up the face.

Do any of these products make a regular appearance in your beauty/makeup bags?

Kirsty x



  1. I'm a huge fan of the Real Techniques brushes! If you like the buffing brush you should try some of the Zoeva foundation brushes, they're my go too at the moment! I've been wanting to try the bronzing primer for some time now but I'm a little bit scared of it to be honest haha! xxx

    Chloe @ The Little Plum

  2. I love Real Techniques brushes!
    That Sleek blusher looks gorgeous too! xx

  3. Oh I am nearly at the end of my ELDW - may give the wake me up foundation a try - have followed for more recommendations like this


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