Thursday, 3 July 2014


I totally lost track of time this past two weeks, they've all rolled into one!  I did manage to film a pregnancy update video however which I will link below for you all!  I am new to youtube (re started my channel) so please head over and check it out and of course like & subscribe for weekly vids!  So anyway i'll just get on with my update for the past two weeks!

Heartburn has been hell this past two weeks, literally everything I pass through my lips burns!  Ive been swigging the Gaviscon and drinking milk like it's going out of fashion and NOTHING is helping.  Sleep has been much better, although I'm still up 5/6 times a night I am now on maternity leave so I can sleep in for as long as I like and have no rush to get up for work!

I've been feeling pretty good this last week, as I mentioned I am now on maternity leave so I haven't been as sleep deprived which I think has helped a lot.  I still have the odd day where I feel a little low for no reason at all but that's just pregnancy.

Cans of coke with ice is this weeks latest craving, although I am trying to limit them as I know they are high in caffeine and I really shouldn't be drinking many.

Weight Gain
I've not weighed myself, I will will until I am 40 weeks and do a final weigh-in.  The baby has definitely had a growth spurt this past few weeks as I feel like the baby is literally trying to break free.  My bump feels so tight!

Who knows?

Maternity Clothes
I haven't purchased anything, and don't plan to as I am almost there…. the end is nigh!

New Things this Week

A week past Friday I finished up for 9 or so months.  It still feels like I am on holiday and I'll be going back on Monday, It hasn't really sunk in yet.  For the last week I have met a couple of friends for lunch, acted like the good wife and cooked my hubby tea every night and organised the nursery.  Also last Sunday my lovely friends threw me a surprise baby shower, it was amazing.  I had no idea they were doing it which made it even more special and we received so many beautiful gifts. This baby is one spoilt little tooti already.  I decided just over a week or so ago that I would re launch my youtube channel and film some pregnancy updates as well as fashion, beauty and lifestyle vids.  It's nerve wracking and I had to start from scratch again but I really enjoy it

I've filmed my update for weeks 35 and 36 weeks, give it a click and check out what's been happening this week!

Don't forget to like & subscribe.  I will be posting up other videos, fashion, beauty, hauls etc so be sure to come back and check those out too!

Kirsty x


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