Sunday, 6 July 2014


When it comes to tanning I have become pretty lazy.  Unless I have a special occasion to attend I rarely ever apply an over night developer.  However there is no denying the fact that I do like to don that summer glow in the warmer months.  I am pretty fair skinned and never tan (I'm always the lobster looking one).  When Instant tans first came on the scene I really wasn't much a fan, this of course was way before I'd ever heard of such a thing as a mit and a good body scrub!  Now, things couldn't be more different.  I pretty much live by the stuff.  I have two favourites that I tend to reach for, one being the Lauren's Way Instant Tan (which I've run out of) and of course Rimmel's Instant Tan.  I always opt for the light matte shade as I find the medium matte just too orangey for my skin.

A few weeks back I picked up another tube of my ever faithful, but this time I opted for the instant tan with a gradual glow, to be honest they didn't have regular light matte so I just grabber what was there, however I am so glad that I did, as this stuff is seriously fan-tab-ulous!  The first thing I noticed about this one was the consistency, it's more a gel texture rather than a cream.  It applies onto the skin like a dream.  The formula glides across the skin and blends really well.  I always use a mit to apply the tan, I swear by a mit, it doesn't streak and gives a really natural looking finish.

I love how this tan provides a light natural sun kissed glow, yet it's buildable.  I find that if I apply one coat and let it dry a little before applying another it builds better.  I was eager to see if it lived up to it's "gradual tan" claims and yes, yes it does! I have been using it every day for the last week and I have definitely noticed a buildup of colour.  It's not a huge amount of colour but it's definitely a noticeable change from my usual pasty white skin.  One other thing I noticed was that it was far more water resistant that the regular light matte formula.  I've seen myself getting a tiny splash of water on my skin and being left with a lovely water mark, I have yet to experience that with this new one.

Top marks to Rimmel for this one, I believe it was originally released last year in April, however I think they have more recently revamped the packaging.  This product retails around £6.99 a tube.  I don't believe that this particular tan is available in the larger pump bottle, now that would be a dream (please bring that out Rimmel?!).

Have you used this? What's your thoughts, leave your comments below.

Kirsty x

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  1. Great review - I need this in my life! My skin develops a nice colour even with factor 50, except for my legs. They remain their usual winter shade of pale! I look hilarious with brown feet & a tan mark round my ankles! I used a gradual tanner last summer. It looks patchy after a few days & it's easy to apply too much over a few days & end up with really dark legs! This sounds like the solution to my problem! Thank you! Xx


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