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The last two weeks have been a huge learning curve for my husband and I.  Having not had a baby before we are learning as we go and I'd like to think we're doing ok so far!  Today's post is about some of the things that I'd class as must haves with a newborn.  There are so many options on the market, but these things have really made our life a little easier.  

I decided that I was going to bottle feed from very early on.  Breastfeeding wasn't for me, however even if you are breastfeeding some of these items may be useful if you are also expressing.

It is recommended that you make up feeds as you go, however that really isn't practical.  After discussing this with a midwife she advised that there really wasn't any problem making up feeds in advance, so we make up six feeds at a time.  This includes sterilising the bottles, filling them with boiling water and then placing them in the fridge ready for use.  We add the formula powder to the bottles when we need them, after we have heated the bottle. 

Avent Microwave Steriliser 
I read so many reviews on sterilisers and in the end decided on the Avent microwave steriliser.  Many of my friends and family recommended this steriliser and the reviews online were also great.  Luckily for me this sterilisers came on offer at an Aldi baby event and was only £9.99.  The RRP is actually around £26 to get it for less than half price was a bonus.  This steriliser is so easy to use and your bottles are ready within 6 minutes.  Unlike the traditional sterilisers that take a little over half an hour, I can have all my bottles cleaned and ready within 15 minutes.  It's really a no brainer for any mummy!  The steriliser is often on offer at various other places, I know that Asda often have a baby event and it's usually reduced.  

Avent Newborn Bottle Starter Kit 
As we decided to go with the Avent sterilisers I decided to use their bottles too.  Aldi also had the starter kits on offer when I bought the steriliser, they start kit was £9.99 too but RRP is £28 (on offer for £14 at Mothercare here).  I don't have any experience of other bottles (obviously), I know that some prefer Tommee Tippee or Dr Brown but the Avent bottles have been working great for us.  The starter kit is perfect as it comes with two of the small 125ml bottles, 2 of the large bottles, a dummy (pacifier) and a cleaning brush.  The bottles also come with teets size 1 and 2.  We did buy 6 additional 125ml bottles for his first month or so.  Oscar hasn't been taking more than 125ml per feed yet so they are perfect for us at the moment.  

Tommee Tippee Powder Pots
These pots are a must for any bottle feeding mummy who plans on going out and about with baby. My cousin had these when her little boy was first born and they make life so much easier.  As I mentioned above we don't pre mix the powder into our bottles until Oscar is looking for a feed.  So we simply measure out the right amount of powder into each pot and seal them back up ready for feeding time.  When we go anywhere we just take two bottles and two pots and we're set.  We always measure out 6 feed worths even if we are at home, it cuts out so much time especially when it comes to night feeds.  It takes us around 2 minutes in total to heat up the bottles and add the powder, as you can imagine this is a god send when you have a screaming baby at 4am!  I cannot recommend these enough.  When it comes to having a newborn, organisation is the key, and if you can organise your feeds in advance then your on to a winner!

A few other essentials that I would recommend any mummy invests in are Muslin Cloths!  You can never have enough muslins, initially I bought three packs (9 cloths in total) but I needed more.  I think I went through about 6 in two days in the first week, however I learnt quickly that even if baby is sick the tiniest amount you don't need to instantly put them in the wash, baby sick becomes a part of your daily life and soon you don't even bother about it!  So stock up on muslin cloths as they will become your best friend and are great for wiping up sickness, pee, poop and anything else baby makes a mess of! 

Baby Wipes - using cotton wool to clean up Korma like poo gets all to much, we didn't used the cotton wool for very long, I think about a week.  We quickly moved on to using pampers sensitive baby wipes and we have had no problems.  After we use the wipes I always pop a tiny amount of sudocreme on Oscars bum to ensure he doesn't get nappy rash.

If you have any other must have items or any essential tips that I need to know as a new mummy please leave them in the comments.

Kirsty x 


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