Thursday, 28 August 2014


I am sure this first update will start off the way that any new mummy starts their first update… but where has the time gone? My baby boy is now 1 month old!  It only feels like yesterday that we brought him home, a day old, all squishy faced and new.  I'm not gonna lie this last 4 weeks have been one big whirlwind and to be honest I couldn't tell you where the days have gone.  Oscar is changing every day, it still amazes me how fast he is growing and changing every day.

In 4 weeks Oscar has changed loads, he's gained quite a few ounces, has become so much more alert and loves to see his daddy after a long day at home with mummy!

Oscar weighed 7lb 4oz when he was born, 5 days later he was weighed by the midwife and had gained 2 ounces.  The midwife was delighted as usually baby's lose weight but not my boy he loves his milk.  Oscar was last weight just over a week ago and is now up to 8lbs 13oz!  I just about fell off the chair when the health visitor told me, however she was very pleased with his weight gain as it shows he is feeding well and we're doing something right!

From Oscar's weight gain you can tell he is lapping up his feed!  At the moment he feeds every 2-3 hours throughout the day and manages at least 4 throughout the night.  On the odd night he has even managed a 5 hour stint!

We haven't really put a firm routine in place yet, however Oscar has kinda adopted his own routine.  At the moment he is taking his last feed before bed at around 9pm, he will then sleep through until 1.30-2am before looking for more food, once fed he will go back down for another 4 hours.  In the next few weeks we will definitely be establishing more of a strict routine, including bath time every night, and the introduction of a dream feed.  We have tried a dream feed a few times but he locks his jaw shut! 

Oscar is now out of his newborn clothes (sad face) and is now into first size (upto 9.5lbs), however some of them are starting to get a little on the tight side and he does on occasion fit into his 0-3 months clothes.  It won't be long until he is solely wearing his 0-3 months.  Stop growing so fast little man!

Oscar has always been an alert baby, his eyes were open the minute he was born, however over the last week he has been having quite a lot more of awake time throughout the day and is content lying on his play mat looking in his mirror.  The health visitor was impressed by his eye movement and his attempt at focusing, she was also impressed by his grip, which is pretty firm.  I make sure that I spend a bit of time with Oscar each day speaking/singing to him and playing with some of his toys.

In just 4 weeks my boy has already changed so much.  In some pictures he just looks so grown up! My cousin's daughter was born 19 days after Oscar, we met them for tea the other night and even though she was 8lbs 11 when she was born she feels so much lighter than Oscar and is still so tiny compared to him, it really showed how quickly he has changed in 28 days!

Kirsty x

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