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During my pregnancy I loved reading birth stories, I also loved watching one born every minute, people would say I was crazy!  However even though I read these stories and watched the programmes I always kept it in my head that my birth would be totally unique and nothing like anyone else's.  I was under no illusion and knew that it would hurt a little but I was excited to meet my baby, and although I had the odd day where I'd feel a little scared, the excitement out weighed the fear. What I am trying to say is, if your still pregnant and due to give birth soon, keep an open mind, be positive and don't let others horror stories scare you as we are all so different!  This is a bit of a long post so get a cuppa and enjoy (hopefully you make it to the end!)

1 hour old, battered and bruised but beautiful!

On Wednesday 30th July I had been at home all day, not one twinge or cramp in sight and I was getting really fed up, I was 39+6 and had been moaning about the little one not making an appearance for days.  That evening my mum, auntie and cousin came round to have some beauty treatments done.  At around 9.30pm they all left and I took my mum home.  I got back about 10am and although i was shattered I decided to stay up and catch up on one born and TOWIE.  I was sitting on my birthing ball rotating (rotate to dilate they say) when I began to get some really mild cramps.  The cramps were in my hips and I thought nothing of it to begin with as I'd had the odd cramp throughout my pregnancy.  After about half an hour I realised that they had been non stop so I began timing them, they were coming every 2 minutes and lasting around 30-40 seconds.  The cramps weren't sore so I carried on rotating on my ball and got through the two shows.

At 12am I decided to go to bed and try get some sleep.  I didn't want to get my hopes up and I didn't want to wake my hubby incase they stopped.  I got into bed but the cramping continued and I couldn't settle so 15 minutes later I was back up and timing them again, however they were getting stronger, still not overly sore but definitely much more prominent.  I walked the hallway for another half hour and then decided I should wake my hubby.  These pains were definitely contractions!  It was now 12.45am and I'd woke my hubby and told him I thought I was in labour, he then started timing my contractions and they were still coming every 2 minutes but lasting 40-50 seconds, at that point I decided to call the hospital to get some advice as I wasn't 100% sure if it was the real thing or not. The hospital advised that they thought I was definitely in early labour and that I should take a bath and just plod along until the pain was unbearable.  I filled a bath and took two paracetamol.  I managed to stay in the bath for an hour, during this time my contractions were getting stronger and pain was building.  At 2am I got out the bath and began walking the hallway again, however at this point I was having to stop during contractions and sway from side to side to try and get some relief. At 2.20am I called the hospital again to tell them the pain was getting unbearable and that my contractions were every 2 minutes lasting 50 seconds, they told me to head in to be checked.

We arrived at the hospital at 2.30am to be met by a rather rude midwife who escorted me to a room and told me she'd be back to check me in five minutes, I don't think she believed I was in labour. After about 15 minutes she returned and by this time I was contracting again.  The midwife decided to time my contractions and was shocked to find that I had, had four in 10 minutes, she was as nice as pie after that!  Another midwife came in and took over (she was so lovely) when I was examined she told me I was only 2cm dilated, I could have cried.  Usually they send you home if you aren't more than 4-5cm's, however I went off to the loo and when I returned she asked me if I wanted to go into the pool, I was delighted with that as it was on my birth plan to try if it was available.  I got into the pool about 3.30pm and spent an  hour in there.  My contractions were coming thick and fast and they were getting more and more painful, I didn't take any pain relief whilst in the pool as with each contraction I felt sick and I thought the gas and air would make it worse, so I carried on just managing each contraction myself.  After an hour in the pool I got out so the midwife could check me, and I had dilated to 6cm within an hour.  She said I was progressing really quickly and doing brilliantly.  At this point the pain was getting ridiculous so I decided to take a shot of morphine and try the gas and air - I should have tried this long before I did!  The gas and air didn't take the pain away but it did help me control my breathing and I found it useful for getting through each contraction.  At around 5am my waters broke, unfortunately Oscar had done a poo at the same time and it was no longer safe for me to continue my labour in the midwife unit and I was taken through to the labour unit at around 5.45am so they could strap me up to a foetal heart monitor to check that Oscar was okay.  

Prior to going through to the labour unit I started to feel the urge to push, I couldn't stop it and my body just started bearing down itself, it is the weirdest feeling ever, however I just let my body take over and do what it needed and the midwife was happy for me to do that.  By the time I was taken to the labour unit I was well on my way to pushing and had fully dilated. The midwifes swapped over and another lovely midwife came on shift.  At around 6.30am I started really pushing, by this point the pain was intense but I knew that I was on the last stretch and that soon my baby would be born.  I just kept thinking i'll get to find out what it is.  I was pushing for an hour and the midwife kept saying she could see the head, well if you can see the head why isn't it coming out?!  After what felt like forever the midwife advised that the baby's heartbeat was dropping and that it was getting tired, she told me that she needed to get the doctor in to check me and possibly give me some help.  By this time I was past caring and I just wanted my baby out.  A few doctors appeared and I was told that the baby was tired and that they would need to give me some help, they were going to try the ventouse cap (a suction cap that is placed on the baby's head).  I agreed and they tried, however baby wasn't coming.  My hubby said the doctor tried with all her might to pull him out but the cap shot off twice. The only option left was forceps.  I really didn't want forceps but at the time I didn't care and I just wanted them to get the baby out safe.  The doctor prepped the forceps and did what she needed to and after two big pushes my little boy was born.  Born on his due date, Thursday 31st July at 8.10am weighing a dinky 7lb 40z.

The midwife had advised that due to him pooing he may have needed to be taken away to clear his throat, however he began crying and managed to cough up all the gunk himself, a few seconds later he was placed on my chest and his little face was staring into mine, at that moment my heart literally belonged to him!  The overwhelming feel of love for one little man was indescribable.

It was all over, and Oscar was now part of our lives.  He was worth every painful contraction and I would definitely do it all again.  My labour was 9 hours long, start to finish, so in the grand scheme of things it was pretty quick.  Although it was painful, I managed it on gas and air and a shot of morphine.  Admittedly I did scream out that I was NEVER doing it again, but after a few days I forgot all the pain and more babies are definitely in our future plans.  I can honestly say that oscar's birth really wasn't traumatic at all, even after a forceps delivery.  Yes it was painful and there were times that I thought I couldn't carry on, there were times I just wanted it all to end but my experience was a positive one.  All of the midwifes, doctors and staff at the hospital were brilliant and I really couldn't fault the care I received.  For now though we are just excited to enjoy Oscar and watch him grown into the beautiful little man I know he will be.

Oscar's first 24 hours!

Kirsty x

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