Thursday, 18 September 2014


Up until 3 years ago my makeup brush collection was limited to say the least, owning a measly blush brush, no joke it was that bad.  I always had tones of makeup and a huge interest in buying makeup but brushes were never on my radar, I always used the only tool i'd ever known - my fingers!  The blogging world has a lot to answer for when it comes to my brush collection, it's now just a little bit out of control, but now I wonder what the hell I was doing all those years without them.

Blending brushes are probably my favourite type of brush to work with out of all the brushes I own, my eyes are my best feature (or so I think) and I love spending time creating a look that will really make them pop so a blending brush is a must have in my collection.  I am an avid user of the MAC 217 but I am always on the hunt for other alternatives that are slightly cheaper but just as good.

When I got my hands on Nanshy's newest blending brush from their latest product line (soon to be released), the Masterful Collection I almost burst with excitement (I'm such a geek).  The brush itself is gorgeous, it's white silky smooth handle and soft bristles gives this brush the edge over all of my other blending brushes, even my beloved MAC 217! This brush will form part of a set of 12 which will be suitable for all levels of artistry and experience.  The brush sets will come in two colour options, black and white. Personally I prefer the white.  The brush is easy to work with, and looks amazing on my dressing table!

Nanshy's brushes are 100% vegan and cruelty free.  The bristles are synthetic which I love as I feel they pick up and hold onto product much better, and to be honest the thought of putting real hair onto my face freaks me out a little!  This blending brush is up there in quality along with my MAC 217 and really blends out a treat!  The bristles really are soft, I didn't experience any scratchiness like some other brushes give.

The Nanshy brushes are fantastic quality and their prices are unbeatable.  Some of their other sets are in the region of £35, and individual brushes start from a little over £5.  Nanshy were not a brand I had ever purchased from in the past but I am so impressed with this brush that I have already placed an order with them to trial out some of their other brushes.

When this collection launches I won't be able to resist adding it to my current brush collection.  Whether you are a complete beginner or highly experienced this new collection of brushes will cover all bases and more.  To read more about Nanshy's up and coming launch click HERE.  The Nanshy Masterful Collection will be launching very soon so make sure your keep an eye on their website and try grabbing a set before the sell out.

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