Tuesday, 30 September 2014


I Cannot believe Oscar is 2 months old, in the space of a month his development has rocketed and we have noticed so many changes, they may be small or insignificant to others but they're huge for him.

Oscar has found his hands, he will lie on his mat and stare at them for ages, moving them around trying to touch the other hand, he has also started trying to hit his toys hanging from his play mat, he can't quite reach them yet as he hasn't worked out how to fully stretch out his arm.

In the last few weeks Oscar has become much more awake and stays up for longer periods throughout the day.  He's a really content baby and rarely cries unless he wants something.

We have started going to the clinic every second week so that he can be weighed, he loves his milk and so far has been gaining weight well.  He was weighed a few days ago and is a healthy 12lb exactly.  For a while he was gaining almost 1lb every two weeks.  The health visitors are really happy with him which makes for a happy mummy!

We've been away on a mini family holiday for the last week and Oscar has really been interacting so much more.  Although he hasn't actually cut any teeth he is definitely starting to go through the motions.  On several occasions his cheeks have become really hot and red and on two occasions we had a bit of a screaming match which could only be calmed by some cool boiled water.  Oscar is still a bit young for teething powders or gel so we're just gonna have to persevere with cool water and teething rings!

These last two months have flown by sometimes I worry if I blink i'll miss something. 

Kirsty x

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