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Becoming a mum for the first time is a total minefield, there are so many things to consider and being honest bath time wasn't really on the top of my list, however when the time came to bath Oscar for the first time alone I had so many questions.  What do we put in the water? Can I wash his hair with shampoo? What happens after his bath, do I put cream on, talc, oil? So many questions!

All of the professionals will of course tell you not to put a thing in the water, to only wet their hair and of course no creams, talcs or oils!  But the reality of the situation is no one wants a stinky baby and unless your baby has a skin condition 99% of the time it really is fine to add a little something to the water, wash their hair with shampoo and moisturise their skin. They need to become accustom to different things on their skin as eventually they will be exposed to them (I should mention here that this is of course personal choice and you should be a little cautious, if your baby has a break out when using products then take necessary action immediately.).

When Oscar was a few weeks old his skin was really flaky and dry, which is common, he'd been in a bag of water for 9 months then suddenly exposed to the elements.  I asked my health visitor if there was anything I could put on his skin to help with the flaking and she suggested I use Aqueous cream. The cream is water based and doesn't contain anything harmful so is pretty safe to use.  It is not perfumed either so it definitely shouldn't irritate the skin.

For the first week or so I didn't use anything at all at bath time but that novelty faded pretty quickly and I decided to try a splash of Johnson's Baby Bedtime Bath, I went for the purple one which has a slight lavender scent to it, it's really lovely and I find the scent really calming. 

As far as shampoo goes I love the smell of Johnson's baby shampoo, it just screams BABY!  Apart from that I received about 20 bottles of the stuff from various family and friends in the run up to Oscars birth so we are well stocked.  I only use a tiny amount of the shampoo, about a 5 pence piece size, it's more than enough to lather up Oscar's hair (he don't have much) and it really doesn't sting their eyes.  I have poured the soapy water over his face loads of times and he never cries or gets distressed.

After his bath I will moisturise his skin with the Aqueous cream and occasionally I will pop a little talc under his arms as they seem to get quite sweaty (gross) and the talc just stops them from getting irritated. 

Once he is all dried, moisturised and in his little baby grow he smells divine!

The next few items are things that I found super useful and if I was ever to have another baby I wold definitely be using these again! 

Baby Bath Thermometer - Similar available HERE 

Baby baths are recommended to be 37 degrees, however I always put the bath at 38 or 39 as the temperature drops quite quickly and Oscar seems to love it a little warmer.  The thermometers are fantastic you throw them into the water and they tell you how hot it is.  This one also flashes red when it's too hot, I still use it to this day, every bath time for piece of mind.

Baby Bath Sponge - Similar HERE

We used this sponge in the baby bath we had, you simply pop it in the bath and lay the baby on top and it stops them sliding around and you don't have to hold the baby either, its such a great idea.  We now also use this in the big bath.  If you want to save yourself some pennies, don't waste money buying fancy pancy bath seats just pick up a few of these, I got mine in Home Bargains for £2.99, Mothercare also stock them but they are a little more expensive.

Now that Oscar is 16 weeks he loves touching his toys and exploring new things, we have just started bathing him in the big bath and he loves to fish around for the little duckies!  I love the fact that little rubber ducks are actually his first bath toy, so cliche!

So that's my little slice of opinion on bath time.  Thankfully Oscar doesn't suffer from any skin conditions and so far his skin seems to be fine with all lotions and potions I apply.  We also attend a baby massage class and we used organic olive oil which didn't smell or leave the skin feeling greasy, so if you really need to moisturise but don't want to use anything that's manufactured then definitely get yourself some organic olive oil. 

Kirsty x

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