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Before Oscar was even born I had decided that breastfeeding wasn't for me, throughout my pregnancy I never really suffered from sore aching breasts so I guess in my naivety I didn't think I'd be hit with the post pregnancy curse of sore, leaky breasts.  How wrong was I?  A few days after Oscar was born my milk came in, it came in with a vengeance.  My breasts were aching and I felt like I needed to be bound as the pain was pretty bad.  I had stocked up on regular disposable breasts pads which I had to used regularly for about a week, they do the job but aren't the most comfortable of things.

I was recently sent some nursing pads from Cupcake Lingerie, and whilst I no longer need them I was really impressed with the quality and would definitely use these if I am lucky enough to have baby number 2.  The pads are a new addition to Cupcake Lingerie and best of all they are organic, all natural so nothing in these pads should cause irritation.  The pads are lovely and soft, they are designed to soak in the moisture and store it away rather than leave it sitting on the surface of the pad, this means hardly any changing required and can be worn all day or night, Amen to that!

The pads are washable which is such a cost saving!  I know that maternity pads are pretty inexpensive but when you have everything else to buy the price can add up.  The disposable ones are pretty flimsy and I found that I needed to change the pads every few hours, as if I didn't I'd end up with dried milk sticking to my skin (ooh lovely).

The Cupcake pads feel so soft and really luxurious, if only I had these 3 months ago.  As I mentioned I am no longer using pads as my milk did dry up within a week, but I wanted to test these out as best as I could so I squeezed a little milk onto them over the course of two hours (call me crazy) and they really did absorb the milk inwards, as far as washing goes, I ran them through the wash and sat them out to dry.  My heating is on constant at the minute with this cold weather but I found they dried pretty quickly, and in the nicer days I reckon they would dry within an hour on the washing line. I would probably purchase two sets of these so that I had a change if required.

What Cupcake have to say:

CupCake washable nursing pads provide a clever, all-in-one solution for breastfeeding mothers.  An absorbent inner hemp-cotton fleece layer and a leak proof barrier, guard against general leaks and wetness.  Lightly contoured for a discrete look the innovative CupCake Nursing pad is pocketed for additional liners should it be required during the night or periods of heavier flow.
-One pad, day or night
-Lightly contoured for discretion under clothing
-Made from organic cotton and natural fibres
-Slim, comfortable and won’t slip
-Silky- soft luxurious feel
-Washable and durable
-Stay dry at any time, day or night
-Ultra-absorbent wicking for a dry feeling
-A leak free experience

Overall I would rate them a good 9 out of 10 for quality and feel, and I have no doubt that they would work as expected if I was to wear them and leak real milk, these all definitely be on my "to get" list for baby number 2!

If you are interested in purchasing some of these then you can find them HERE, they ship world wide and although the head office is in Australia they do have a branch here in the UK.

Kirsty x

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