Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Santa's on his way, so what do you buy a (fairly) newborn for Christmas?  This is something that I have really struggled with, being so young there isn't much a new born really needs, combined this with the fact he has already been totally spoilt by family, it leaves little to put on his Santa list.

Oscar has began teething, to be honest he started a while ago, but he is definitely drooling a lot more and everything finds its way into his mouth.  Every week I take Oscar to Rhythm kids which he seems to really love.  The class explores children's songs and nursery rhymes and also allows the babies to explore and touch a whole host of different sensory toys. We first took oscar swimming when he was 8 weeks old and since then we have made it our family activity for the week and take him every Saturday, he loves it!  With all of these things in mind I pulled together his Santa list and have included a bunch of items I know he will use and love!

1. Sophie the Giraffe - Oscar already has a Sophie teething ring but he struggles to keep a hold of it as it's quite heavy for a little toot, so we decided to get him the actually giraffe as he will be able to get a hold of it better and keep it in his mouth longer.  At the minute he can get the teething ring in his mouth but can't keep it there and gets so angry with her.

2. Jane Fluid Bath Seat - Oscar loves his bath, he is so content and now that he is more mobile, he doesn't like lying on his back for long, he is forever pulling himself up, so I've started sitting him up in the bath so he can get a hold of the ducks and he loves it.  I thought it was about time we got him a proper bath seat, so that has made it onto the list!

3. Baby Rainmaker - This is one of the sensory toys Oscar plays with at his baby class, he loves it,and will touch it for ages, I have to prize it away to get on with the nursery rhymes!

4. Music Maker - Another favourite of Oscar's at class, there are four different parts to the toy, its bright and colourful and each one makes a different sound.  This toy and the Rainmaker are recommended for 6 months + but I feel Oscar is already developing so well and is advanced enough to play with these toys!

5. Speedo Swim Seat - As I mentioned we take Oscar swimming every Saturday and he loves it, every week he gets a little braver, last week he started splashing the water with his hands!  These seats come in two sizes 0-1yrs and 1-2 years.  Now that Oscar can hold his head up he will be able to sit in this seat and it will allow us to be a bit more interactive with him whilst in the water.

What's on your baby Christmas list?

Kirsty x


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