Saturday, 15 November 2014


Oscar is 3 months old and is one cheeky little chap!  Just look at that face!  Last month Oscar discovered his hands, he spent ages staring at them and becoming cock-eyed (which is the cutest thing ever, but in no way beneficial).  This month Oscar has worked out how to open his hands and grab things.  He hasn't mastered picking things up on his own but if I give him something he makes a real effort to open his hand.  He can take his dummy out but then gets upset that he can't get it back in.  He gets frustrated with his toys that are attached to his play mat, he tries to get a hold of them and when it doesn't happen right away he gets all ragey!  Oscar is so alert and interactive with us it's amazing.  I still watch him every day and think to myself, what a miracle.

Oscar was weighed a week ago and is a healthy 14lb, 8oz.  I was a little worried that he might not have been gaining enough weight as he started throwing up after almost every feed, it wasn't much but it was happening consistently.  The health visitor came to see us and after he was weighed it was clear that he wasn't losing any weight at all, infact he'd gained 1lb, 7oz in two weeks!

Oscar is such a happy content baby, he loves playing with his toys and enjoys interacting with others. Every week I take him to Rhythm Babies where he gets to see other babies his own age.  The class is really interactive, and the babies are exposed to music and different instruments.  Oscar loves music, if he is unsettled at all I pop on a bit of music and he calms right down, Sam Smith seems to be his fave at the moment, although I'm sure his daddy would say it's Marvin Gaye!

Oscar had his second set of jabs earlier this month, I hated it! He was all smiles when he went in, poor toot is clueless and thank god!  If babies won awards for yapping Oscar would win first place.  He found his voice this month and babbles away to himself for ages, its so cute, he really tries with his mouth and some of his babbling sounds like maaaam!

For the most part of this month Oscar was on 6oz feeds but in the last day or so we have moved him onto 7oz.  He still hasn't mastered sleeping all night, so it's still a bit taxing at times.  He did sleep from 9pm-5am one night two weeks ago but hasn't done it again since.  I plan to start weaning him in the next two weeks and I am hoping the baby rice will help him sleep a little better, all tips on sleeping welcome.

Being such a long baby means that he isn't fitting into his clothes for long, he is pretty much out of all his 0-3 clothes and is even outgrown some of his 3-6 months stuff too!  Stop growing baby!  I reckon by Christmas he will be well on his way into 6-9 months.  

I think that's all for this month, the 3 month stage for Oscar has brought a lot of new developments.  I love watching him develop new skills, my little heartbreaker!

Kirsty x

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