Tuesday, 23 December 2014


I read a post on Christmas traditions the other day and was inspired to write about my own.  I often wonder what other families are doing on Christmas Day, what their traditions are.  It's funny how we all adopt a certain way.  My Christmas Day has been pretty much the same way for the last 9 years.  My hubby and I would open presents, have some breakfast, get ready and head over to see his parents.  After visiting the in laws we'd pop in past my Grandma and Grandads and then finally head to my aunties for Christmas Dinner where we'd then spend the rest of the night before heading home late in the evening.  It's always a busy but fabulous day!  I'm really close to my family so I love seeing them all in one day, and there's just something magical about Christmas Day that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! 

This year however things are gonna be a lot different!  Now that we have Oscar we thought it was about time that we started to make our own traditions.  This year we aren't going to be leaving the house until much later, the inlaws, my parents and my grandparents will all come to us in the morning, we're then gonna have dinner in our own house just the three of us and then in the late afternoon we'll head over to my aunties.

When my husband first suggested Christmas just the three of us I could have cried! That wasn't Christmas to me, however last year there were fourteen of us at my aunties and as our families grow so does the dinner table and there had to come a time when we would eventually break away and make traditions for our own wee family!  Since we decided to go it alone I've really come round to the idea and now I can't wait to cook Christmas dinner.  I'd hope in the next few years that our home will become the place to be on Christmas Day and we can host for our parents, but for now I'm excited that it's just us, and so, the next chapter begins! 

Oscar is only nearly 5 months old so at the minute he has no idea what is going on but in a few years time I'll be introducing the Christmas Eve box, (I might do a wee one this year), as well as the obligatory cookie, carrot and milk for Santa and Rudolph oh and the magic reindeer dust!  In a few years time my house will be a replica of Toys R Us I'm sure, although by the sounds of things it may be like that this year, but as Oscar gets older and understand it'll be nice for him to be at home so he can enjoy his toys.

What's your traditions? Are you breaking the mould this year like us? Please leave your traditions below so I can read all about them and feel even more festive! 

Kirsty x

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