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Oscar is now actually almost 5 months, but I somehow missed a post on his 4 month update, so here it is!  4 months old, already!  The 4 month mark has been quite a significant milestone.  Oscar seems to have had a growth and development spurt as he has really surprised me with his latest abilities which literally happened over night!

This month oscar has learnt to grip things, he holds on now for dear life and when he's had enough it gets the chuck.  His co-ordination is getting really good, he's using both hands to hold onto things and when you had him something he can grab it in no time (especially rich teas that naught great grans give him!).

At his last weigh-in he was sitting at a tubby 16lb 8oz, pretty much 2lbs gained in a month.  The health visitor is delighted with his weight and growth, he's pretty much on track, a little longer thatnthe average baby his age but with a father that's 6ft 2 it's hardly surprising!

I've got a cheeky little monkey on my hands, he is full of smiles and loves to yap, he's forever telling me the best stories! Oscar is now into size 4 nappies, I couldn't believe it when the 3's started to get a bit too small, but he's a growing boy so needs must.

Oscar's sleeping habits have been all over the place, sometimes he'll sleep all night (3 times ever), other nights he's up 1, 2, 3 times.  I really don't know what it is or why he hasn't slipped into something of a more consistent routine.  W decided to move him into his own room a week past Sunday, I was a nervous wreck the first night and hardly slept a wink, but his lordship slept the whole night through!  I thought we were onto a winner, but he had us fooled.  The second and fourth night he was up a few times, he's since slept pretty well and only really stirs for his dummy, once he has it he's satisfied and carries on with his sleep marathon.  He makes it to about 6am and then he's up looking for some grub!

Speaking of grub, if you read my last post on weaning you'll se we've started him on solids!  He loves it.  At the moment he gets breakfast and supper, along with his usual four bottles and he's really taken to it very well.  In the next week or so I will start him on a little something at lunch time too.  My naughty gran gave him a rich tea biscuit on Saturday and i'm pretty sure he thought he was in heaven, he sooked it until it was a big lump of soggy mush.

When he's not eating breakfast, supper or naughty treats he's eating his toes!  What a shape he gets himself into and if he can't get that toe in his mouth what a tantrum he takes.  He's outgrowing his clothes rapidly and in the last week has been wearing 6-9 month trousers, he needs them for the length although they are still quite big round his waist.

He's coming along great, however he has started crying randomly when strangers, well friends/family that don't see him often take him for a cuddle or even look his way.  I am not enjoying that at all.  I don't want him to be a clingy child who hangs off my leg or cries whenever I leave a room.  He seems to settle if I take him back calm him down and gently ease him into the situation.  This might all be normal but as a new mummy I have no idea.  I hope he can overcome his fears in the coming months!

Kirsty x


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