Monday, 8 December 2014


Oscar is now 18 weeks but I started weaning him a few weeks ago at 16 weeks.  If my health visitor knew she would probably have a few things to say but to be honest I felt that Oscar was ready.  In the last few weeks we have had some real issues with his sleeping, however we have discovered that, that has nothing to do with what he is or isn't eating, more on that in another post! 

Anyway I toyed with the idea of weaning him for a few weeks, I was worried he was too young and the health visitor I saw the week before had frowned at me when I mentioned it.  However, two weeks past Friday I decided to try him with a little baby rice.  His reaction to his first spoonful settled all my concerns and my mummy instinct were right!

Oscar isn't sitting up on his own yet unassisted but he can hold his head up perfectly and if sat up-right in his buggy, high chair or Bumbo he can sit up with no problems.  

Before I went ahead and started weaning Oscar I looked into different option of baby food.  Rice ofcourse is the obvious starting point but with so many brands now offering baby food available from 4 months I wanted to be sure that what I was giving him the right thing and something that would be healthy with little processed qualities.  In the end I opted for Organix 1st stage baby rice.  

It's a daunting thing for mummies, or at least I thought so.  I wasn't 100% sure how much to give him so I went with the ratio on the box initially which is one tablespoon of rice and 3 tablespoons of milk... DON'T FOLLOW THAT EVER!  Whoever made up that ratio has clearly never had a baby. The amount of rice that made was ridiculous, It was a portion even I couldn't finish.  That was my first learning curve.  From that day on I went with one baby spoon and 3 baby spoons of milk, but to be honest I have since just tweaked it to how he likes it.  As long as the consistency is creamy, not too thick not too runny.  I give Oscar the baby rice every morning along with his first bottle.  I haven't reduced any of his bottles as it is still vitally important that he gets all the goodness from his formula, his solids are just extra.

My cousins girlfriend told me about Annabel Karmel who has specialised in baby recipes.  I have been reading her advice and she advised that introducing other foods early is also beneficial, so after a few days of only giving little O baby rice I decided to buy some stage 1 Ella's Kitchen.  I picked up some Carrot, Parsnip and Apple pouches as well as some Banana and Apple and Pears.  I started introducing the Carrot, Parsnip and Apple in the late afternoon, I give him a feed at around 4.30pm and then his last bottle around 7-7.30pm.  So far he seems to really enjoy trying new foods.  Next week I will make up my own recipes.

If anyone has any recipes for weaning or other tips I'd love to hear them!

Kirsty x


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