Monday, 12 January 2015


I don't remember the last time I sat down with my husband and just talked to him without checking my phone in-between conversations.  Social media has taken over the world in a BIG way, it's just become a part of everyones daily life.  It's sad to say but my phone really is one of my most prized possessions.  I have everything I need on my phone, my numbers, addresses, notes, emails, banking, appointments, the list is endless.  I communicate with family overseas through my phone also, I get the news, I read blogs it's quite frightening to think what things will be like in a few years time.

However this weekend my husband and I decided to try this new "blackout" craze.  Since having Oscar life has been a bit of a whirlwind, he is the centre of our universe now and everything revolves around him, but it is definitely important for us to just stop for just a few hours and enjoy each others company.  It's easy to get caught up with the goings on in the world via the internet, but what did we do before we had phones?  Remember when you went round to see if your friends were coming out? Remember when you agreed to meet someone at a certain place and time and you had to be there, because you couldn't call them to tell them you'd be late or couldn't make it.  Remember when you spoke to other human beings face to face?

We agreed that at 7pm all phones, laptops and iPads would be stowed away, and the blackout would commence.  No checking Facebook or twitter, no whatsapp or emails, just us, on our own.  TV was allowed.  My husband and I are both NFL fans and this weekend was the start of the playoffs so we decided that we'd have a lovely dinner, and then sit down and watch the playoffs and just enjoy the moment.

IT WAS BRILLIANT!  From 7pm there were no distractions, my husband cooked a lovely meal, we then sat down to watch the Voice, we discussed it, laugh at it and then when it was over we spoke some more, we spoke about nothing important but it was fun.  We later watched the playoffs and I learnt a whole load more about the game than I already knew, the game lasted 4 hours which isn't unusual for NFL but I loved it!

The next day my husband even commented how much he enjoyed it, although we love Oscar more than anything it is really important that we make time for each other because otherwise we are just sailing along existing day to day and not actually living to enjoy what we once had.  Life changes I understand that but I think that when you marry someone it should be for life, and it's important to keep that marriage working whatever way you can.

We have decided that every saturday will now be our "blackout" night, from 7pm it will just be us and whatever we wish to do.

Do you have a blackout night once a week/month?  What do you do on blackout night?

Kirsty xx



  1. Totally right! effort must be made in relationships! xx

  2. I totally agree - we find it very difficult but have scheduled one Saturday a month for the whole year where it's just about us!


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