Monday, 26 January 2015


Sometimes I find myself just staring at Oscar thinking to myself "did we really create him", I'm smiling, I don't know when I started smiling but I'm just sat there looking at him happily bouncing away in his jumperoo, or rolling around the floor, I'm smiling because my heart is full of love and joy. He's squealing, oohing, ahhing and slivering so much his top's soaked through, but he's happy.  He's probably filled his nappy and his butt is delightfully warm too, we've created a happy, healthy little boy and I've never felt more thankful for those things in all of my life.

Before Oscar came along I guess we didn't really appreciate the little things, I thought I did but I know now that I never truly did.  Having Oscar has brought my husband and I closer, it's taught me the art of patience, something I thought i'd never master, he's taught me to love in a way I didn't even know existed and he's brought so much joy into our lives just by being.  He just needs to look my way and my heart melts!  I know that many people don't have the desire to have children, but I truly believe that children bring something to your life that is unexplainable, something you will never understand until you experience it for yourself!

It's Monday's, the dreaded return to work after the weekend, but today I ask you to think of one thing you are thankful for, one that brings a smile to your face, let it be your light for the day and have a wonderful Monday!

Kirsty x

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