Friday, 9 January 2015


These months are rolling in, my little chubber cheeks is 5 months old!  He's no longer the tiny baby I could sit with for hours, he's developing into a cheeky wee boy.  I haven't had Oscar weighed in about 3-4 weeks, bad mummy!  But I'll take a guess and say that he's past the 17lb mark.  In the last month Oscar's development has once again come on leaps and bounds...

In the last few weeks Oscar has started to become a lot more active, he can't crawl or sit on his own yet but if I leave him on the floor on his back he manages to do a full circle.  He's rolled over a few times but hasn't quite mastered how to get his hands out from underneath him.  Before Christmas Oscar had a door bouncer which he loved, I think he enjoyed the freedom it gave him on his own two feet.  My dad bought him a Jumperoo for Christmas so that's replaced the door bouncer and he loves it.  He gets so excited and makes the cutest little squealing noises.

He is really vocal these days, squealing and shouting.  He likes to be heard that's for sure!  He sits for ages and just chats to his toys.  

Over the last two weeks teething hasn't been so bad, so I guess he must be getting a little break from that.  Sophie la Giraffe was given to Oscar from "Santa" and this has fast become his favourite toy to chew.  For any mummies out there, pregnant, or just about to hit the teething stage I highly recommend you get one of these.  Sophie is really easy for Oscar to hold, he can get various parts of her into his mouth.  I've found that the teething rings can be a little awkward for him as he can't quite get it into his mouth to really bite down.  His gums are feeling really hard but as of yet he still hasn't cut a tooth.

Weaning is going really well, Oscar is now on three meals a day.  He gets baby porridge in the morning along with his usual bottle.  At lunch time he gets some fruit, whether that is a banana or some of the pureed fruits from Ella's kitchen followed by another bottle and then in the evening around 4-4.30 he has his supper which is usually some sort of mashed vegetables, he absolutely loves sweet potato and carrots.  He will take another bottle right after that and then his final feed is around 7-7.30.  Oscar is bedded by 8pm at the very latest, however most evenings it before 8.

Sleeping is still a bit of an issue, whilst he goes down no problems at all he likes to waken through the night and I have no idea why he is doing it.  Some nights giving him his dummy satisfies him and he goes back to sleep but other nights he needs a cuddle or even some more milk.  I still don't know how I function on 4-5 hours sleep but I do.

I swear Oscar grows a cm every night, in the last four weeks he has gone from wearing 3-6 months to fully fitting 6-9 month clothes.  He's completely outgrown his 3-6 month clothes now and luckily he was given lots of lovely clothes for Christmas and I also picked up a huge amount of sale items from NEXT!  I hope his growth slows down or else we'll be bankrupt keeping him dressed.

Kirsty x

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  1. He is just SO cute



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