Thursday, 12 February 2015


Oscar loves bath time!  He's now at the age where he loves to splash, he kicks and flaps his arms around frantically and everyone in sight is soaking!  He loves to play with his bath toys, especially his ducks, he mostly loves to chew them! We had some little yellow bath ducks that we would throw into the bath, I'd sit them on his tummy and he'd hit them off. Now he is more advanced and can actually pick them up, he loves fishing them out the water and giving them a good chew!

When I was asked to review these squirting ducks I immediately said yes!  I knew Oscar would love them and the bright colours would be such an attraction for him!

I still need to get a seat for Oscar but if I hold him up he will happily play in the water with his toys, splashing and chasing them round the bath.

The Bathtime Buddies squirting ducks are a great addition to his bath toys, they are simple and easy to use and as mentioned the colours are great as Oscar is really attracted to them.  Simply hold the ducks under the water and give them a good squeeze, allow them to fill up and once full, squeeze again, the water will start squirting from their mouthes!  Oscar looked a little confused at first, I think he was confused as to where the water was coming from, however after a few goes he found it rather funny.  When I gave him one of the ducks he was looking at it as if to say why isn't it doing anything?  For the remainder of his bath he chewed the life out of the little buggers. 

These bath ducks are the perfect "starting out" bath toy, especially for babies 6 months plus, the colours are attractive and they are great for their senses, Oscar was trying to touch the water as it sprayed out, I find that Oscar learns something new every day (as he should) and these ducks not only allow him to explore his sense but in time will also teach hime about colours too!

What bath toys do your little ones love?

Kirsty xx


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