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One evening as I sat on the loo, my 10th visit of the night, it suddenly dawned on me that I was going to be a mum, responsible for another human's life!  Between my husband and I we would need to figure out how to keep this being alive, I mean that's pretty epic in itself.  As I sat there a sudden rush of thoughts filled my head... firstly how the heck am I gonna survive the excruciating pain of childbirth, secondly and this is no word of a lie, I shouted on my husband and genuinely asked him... "Ian", "what if I drop this baby on it's head", he reacted in a way any man would - "hardly".  No seriously these were the types of things that I thought about, what if I drop it, what if it hates me, what if it screams all day and night, what if it dies?

Yes, that last one, it was a thought, a thought I had on more than one occasion, this isn't a doom and gloom post, but I wanted to put that in there because I want you mummies to know that its perfectly normal to have that thought, we've all been there, its only natural!  In the blink of an eye that thought its gone and you've moved on to the next thought dilemma. So here it it, my first ever "guide" on becoming a first time mum!

Thoughts are exactly that, a thought, no action is required, think it, then park it, the likeliness of it actually happening is very slim!
Don't dwell on childbirth, everyone is different, it's really hard to tell someone not to worry too much about it because I ain't gonna lie its frickin sore, but us women are hardy buggers and YOU can do it!
Don't listen to the horror stories, let them go in one ear and out the other - keep an open mind, on EVERYTHING!
This is your baby so you do what you see fit, simple!
Follow your instinct, 9 times out of 10 you'll be right, as they say mum knows best!
Baby wipes & Sudocreme - ditch the cotton balls and water, trying to wipe your babies butt with that is just one massive nightmare, move on to the baby wipes pronto and if the midwife/health visitor asks - you're still using cotton pads!
Bottles as you go - aint nobody got time for that! Boiled water into the bottles, straight into the fridge, make them in advance and save yourself the stress later!
Calpol - stock up on it, your gonna need it!
Magic Kisses - you better stock up on these too, lots of bumps and bruises ahead!
Sickness - get over it, you'll soon come to realise that it's your daily eau de perfume!
Materialistic - if your one of these materialistic types I suggest you get rid of / store away anything you love and treasure because before long nothing will be worth any value, que. sticky fingers, orange faces, snot & sickness and other bodily fluids which do not need to be mentioned, they get on everything!
Bathroom breaks alone are a rarity as are hot beverages
Learn by your mistakes - no one is perfect of course you'll make mistakes but it's ok!
Take a break - don't feel bad about leaving your baby for a night with your loved ones, baby won't mind and if they do they'll have forgotten it ever happened by morning!  You will need a bit of R&R once in a while, honestly!
Concealer - find the best one on the market, you'll need it for those saddle bags under your eyes!
Pants - BIG ONES! Pretty knickers were so 90's anyway - comfort is the way forward.
Pj's - Invest in some nice ones, you'll appreciate them!
Snacks - stock up on ready made snacks, they will be a god send in the early days!
Wine - lots of it! Lots and lots and lots!

I hope you've found this helpful!  If you've got any burning questions you can tweet them to me and I'll respond to them as quickly as I can - @moreofmeblog

Kirsty x


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