Thursday, 30 April 2015


Dear baby boy, (this is what I call you daily)

This week has been tough (for Mummy not you, and it's only Thursday), it's the 30th of April and today you are exactly 9 months old, this makes me happy and sad all at once.  It still feels like only yesterday I brought you home, but it's obviously not. In 9 months you have grown into such an amazing, happy, carefree little munchkin that I am so very proud of (gush, gush, gush).

So on Monday you were back at nursery and I have to say I am feeling much happier about leaving you as you are so happy there, your excited squeals as we enter the building and the huge smiles you give the nursery staff as I walk you into "your" room fills me heart with joy and I take comfort in knowing that you are genuinely happy to be seeing your wee friends again.  I love it when I return and the nursery staff give me your update for the day, you seem to love the musical corner (your dad will be proud), you love snack time (of course you do) and are always a delight to have (their words not mine).  Your dad and I couldn't be more proud of you!

This is the last week for a long time that I will be able to spend every minute with you, this makes me sad, and on Monday I cried... a lot!  Your dad did his best to make it all ok as he always does and I know in a few weeks time when I have established my work routine everything will be fine!  To make things a little easier, your dad and I are planning our first family holiday, our first adventure abroad.  Knowing that I am going back to work to provide you with these luxuries in life makes the thought of it all a little more bare-able (geez girl, pull yourself together hundreds of mummies do it!).

Anyway I've made it to Thursday without any more tears, yay!  There is no big plans for your 9 month anniversary except we need to go shopping, the cupboards are bare!  In other exciting news you cut another tooth, this time it's one at the top.  Unfortunately it's not been an easy ride, said tooth has been giving you some pretty nasty explosive poo's, I really shouldn't complaint because you've made it to 9 months and these are pretty much the worst poo's I've had to deal with, so here's hoping those stinkers are behind you for at least another few weeks because to be honest there pretty rank!

I'm typing this as you eat your breakfast, which today is toast and raisins, you're almost finished the toast and I foresee a tantrum brewing when you realise theres no more, so with that on the horizon i'll leave it there!

Lots of love and kisses 
Mummy x

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