Monday, 27 April 2015


Do you ever get those days where you get into the shower and let the water run down over your face and you wish you could just stay there all day?  Today I had one of those days.  I took Oscar to nursery early, I got home sharp and I'd planned to start the 30 day shred, run a few errands, do more washing, make something nice for tea and put away the small mountain of clothes piling up in Oscar's room.  However, instead the day went like this - made a cup of tea, watched youtube for two hours, procrastinated for another 2 hours, realised I needed to get to Asda and pick up nappies, collect Oscar from nursery (within 45 minutes), snapped at my mum and proceeded to run about feeling super stressed.  Today I was not winning at life.

When Ian got home I felt exhausted despite having done very little and really emotional.  He knew something was wrong as soon as he got in the door and as soon as he asked me the tears started flowing.  I am not one to be down in the dumps nor do I suffer from depression, but today I felt like the world was against me, motivation was gone and I had no direction.  All my own doing for being lazy of course.  I don't have these days often but they have been more frequent since having Oscar, it must be a mummy thing.  As soon as I spoke to Ian and got it all off my chest I felt so much better.

I am returning to work next Monday after 10 months off, I've gained an insane amount of weight, and I now feel like everything has come at once, it's crept up on me.  I think today was the tipping point, the realisation that i'll no longer be able to spend every day with Oscar just flitting around doing this and that.  My husband is the best person for me to speak to when I feel things are getting too much, he knows exactly what to say and how to fix things.  After a good old tear sesh, some home made macaroni (at least I managed to make supper) and a cup of tea, calm has been restored.

Tomorrow is a new day, I have Oscar all to myself tomorrow so in the morning i'll get that shred done, as I know as soon as I get the first day out the way it will inspire me to get into a routine and then in the afternoon we'll take a walk and maybe visit the park!

On days like these there's nothing for it but bed!

Kirsty x


  1. It's perfectly normal, I think we all have our down days or at least I know I do :). Nonetheless I hope tomorrow's a much better day for you, and good luck on your return to work (never worry about weight gain, you'll get there) x

  2. I for one know you are a FANTASTIC mother.Your son,my grandson,is a very happy and content little boy.I can categorically assure you Kirsty your choice has been a very good one.This little boy fills our life's with big smiles and happiness.Please also remember that you and he are sleeping all night and soundly, while others are not.Does`nt that tell you something!!?.All my love(A very proud Father and Grandfather)xxxx


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