Sunday, 12 April 2015


Two updates in one!  Bad blogger alert!  Oscar is now 8 months old, time is flying by so quickly, and in 3 weeks I am going back to work!  That's a whole other post on its own, but here's a little recap of the last few months!

6 months old . . .

Oscar finally started sleeping all night, yay!  We started the controlled crying method, thankfully it only took a few nights.  I think he got used to us getting up and taking him in with us for a cuddle, we nipped that in the bud quickly.  I didn't want Oscar to become accustom to it and think it was the norm!  Although controlled crying pulls away at your heart strings I highly recommend it, start it young and you should have no problems at all! Oscar now takes his last bottle around 6.45 and although he is still awake we put him down to bed at 7pm, say goodnight and close the door, within 5-10 minutes he's boarded the train to snooze town.  He pretty much sleeps 7pm-7am.

At 6 months Oscar also mastered sitting on his own, he's such a strong wee boy!  He was also introduced to rusks which he loved and swiftly moved on to the occasional rich tea.  He is such a good eater, he eats pretty much anything we give him, he loved Ella's Kitchen purees when he was first weaned but when he hit 6 months I moved him onto the 7+ month stuff so that he would get used to the different textures and slightly lumpier foods, he took to them really well and is really good at chewing his food!

7 Months seen the roll manoeuvre.  This boy mastered rolling pretty quickly after sitting and now that he is more mobile nap time in the buggy is pretty awful.  Oscar always napped in his buggy as he just didn't take to sleeping in his cot during the day, however as soon as he is laid down he tries to roll over!  I now have to stand over him and push him back and forth a little and continually tell him NO before he falls asleep.  His rolling over in the buggy resulted in a complete roll over the side of the buggy on to the floor.  When it happened I was shaking and so upset that he had fallen out, I felt so bad, but he didn't seem to care less!  Now he has to be strapped into the buggy or supervised at all times!

Just before approaching his 8 month Oscar started pulling himself up onto all fours and rocking back and forth, it seemed like he wanted to get moving but he'd not quite grasped the crawl.  He was pretty good at the bum shuffle and was able to get from one side of the room in no time at all!  Now that he is able to get around, he's touching and exploring new things, the word NO is now in use every 5 minutes, I foresee that it's going to be a firm favourite over the next few years!

Now that Oscar is 8 months he's hit some more milestones, but i'll keep those for this 8 month update! 

I am so proud of my little man, he's coming on so well, he can wave hello and good bye, he loves looking at himself in the mirror and he gets so excited when he sees other kids.   He loves bath time, watching him playing with his toys is just the cutest and when he wakes in the morning and I go to get him, he gives me the biggest smile ever, it's the best feeling in the world!

This MUM thing truly is wonderful!

Kirsty x

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