Tuesday, 21 April 2015


This little beauty is a firm favourite in our household at the minute.  With the light nights now in full swing it was starting to disrupt Oscar's sleep pattern in that he was waking really early in the morning.  I needed to fix that quickly as I wasn't loving the 5am wakeup.  I was struggling to find blinds that fitted the width of the window and as our windows open inward it was proving difficult to find an all round solution.  A fellow mummy suggested I look into the Gro Companies, Gro Anywhere Blind, and so thats exactly what I did!

This little invention has saved us, I can rest assured that I will get a full nights sleep and Oscar's usual 7-7 routine has fallen nicely back into place! I picked up our blind from Mothercare and it was £24.99, a bargain in my eyes, I had expected it to be closer to £35-40 so I was pleasantly surprised.

From the description on the Gro website it is marketed as more of a travel blind for when your on the go, however I have found this to be perfect for Oscar's room, its fully adjustable and can be fixed to fit any size of window.  The blind is very on trend with white stars and moon print.  It fixes to the window with little sucker pads which are placed all round the edge of the blind for a snug and secure fit, blocking out all day light, once the blind is up it's pretty sturdy and we have never had any problems with the suckers coming loose.

It's so easy to put up and take down, we do it every night, I know that may be a problem to some having to put it up and down every night but once it's been adjusted to fit your window it's really not a problem.  Adjusting the size is easy, the blind has small velcro squares between each sucker and you simply fold the fabric over until it fits your window.

As it's so portable we will be able to take this with us on all our trips over the next few months, it folds up small enough for you to take anywhere and its pretty lightweight.  For the amount of use that this blind will get its definitely worth the price tag!  

If you're looking for something like this, especially now that the light evenings are upon us then this is definitely one to consider.  I have priced a few others since getting the Gro one but they have all come in between £29-35, so far this one is the cheapest! If you have any questions on this product, anything you want to know before buying i'd happily answer any questions.

Kirsty x


  1. Oh i love the look of this , i think i need to invest in a one as the light morning mean my baby boy is waking really early each morning thinking its play time xx

    1. It worked wonders for us! Oscar was doing the same, now he sleeps right through till after 7, its much cheaper than a fixed blind and you can take it everywhere x


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