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I really wanted to get this post together, I always think it's interesting to hear a mans view on the whole daddy thing, so I gathered up some questions, sat Mr P down, and grilled him, so here it is, my Q&A with Mr P #askadaddy

How did you feel when you first found out you were going to be a daddy?
I don't think it really hit me at first, I always knew we would have a family, but I don't think it really sunk in until Oscar was born!

Did you do anything to prepare for the babies arrival?
Not really, apart from the obvious things like building baby furniture and attending ante-natal classes, I'm quite laid back so just took it as it came.

What was your biggest fear about becoming a daddy?
Failure - having never had experience with babies or children before I was afraid that I would fail at being a dad, that I wouldn't know what to do!

What went through your mind when labour started?
Weirdly I wasn't thinking about Oscar, it hadn't really hit me that he was actually going to be born, and that we would be leaving with another human, I was more concerned for Kirsty and I wanted to make sure she was okay! I did feel a little excited that it was actually happening. 

How did you feel once the baby was born?
Emotional and excited.  

How did you deal with a hormonal wife?
I just tried to be understanding and listen, obviously as a man I have no clue how she was feeling so it was best to just listen and be sympathetic!

How did you adjust to life with a newborn?
You definitely have to work harder, however it's just something that has to be done, you have to adjust to your baby and their time zones!

How did you find night feeds?
I knew that Oscar needed to be fed so I didn't mind doing it, I actually enjoyed it, I liked the responsibility, I guess it goes back to the fear question, I liked that I was doing something that I once thought I wouldn't be able too.  I always did the weekend feeds to give Kirsty a break as she did all the week-day feeds when I was working.

Did you get hands on with your son or leave most of the duties to your wife?
I'd like to think I was very hands on, I always took my turn to change and feed him, or take him when Kirsty needed a break, I'd often fight with Kirsty or visitors to feed him (not physically obviously :D)

What is the best thing about being a daddy?
I can't really explain it, just the fact that I have created another life, that he is my son, he makes me so proud and I smile every day

What is the worst thing about being a daddy?
I honestly can't think of one thing that is bad or "worst", parenting is of course challenging at times, but I wouldn't say its the worst thing.  The only negative thing I can think of is the lack of time you get as a couple, but again when you plan a family that's just the way it is!

Did you find it hard to stay connected with your wife after your son was born?
No, not at all, I actually found it easier, I actually feel that Oscar has brought us closer.

Was there anything you would do differently?
Nope, I don't think there is anything I'd change, I think Kirsty and I have done a great job so far, our son is happy and that's the main thing!

How many more children would you like (if any)?
Another 2?

Do you have any tips or advice for those first time dads-to-be?
Don't over think about being a dad, it will generally come naturally.  Also in the earlier days with Oscar, he'd generally settle with Kirsty but not me, I'd get upset thinking he didn't like me, but then I realised that he was with Kirsty all day (I was at work) and when I got home he was tired and unsure of me, he soon grew out of that and now we are the best of pals, its completely natural, so try not to get hung up or upset if it does happen to you, it'll pass!

So there you have it!  #askadaddy Mr P's view of becoming and being a new daddy!  I hope you found this insightful and helpful, I did a quick search for daddy Q&A's and I think I found 2, so feel free to share this with any other new daddies or dads-to-be 

Kirsty x

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