Friday, 15 May 2015


Oscar's 8th month brought the crawl, and boy has he mastered it.  Isn't it funny how fast they can get around once they get going.  Oscar is now into everything, although I am really impressed at how well he understands no!  If I tell him he cant touch something he generally just moves away and leaves it alone, this may change in the future but so far he hasn't been too bad and I haven't had to instruct a baby jail!

Clap, clap, clap - after showing him how to clap for months he has finally got it and now he claps when I tell him too (I am aware he isn't a performing seal) but its so damn cute!

I've now weaned Oscar completely and he is now eating the same (or most of the time) stuff as us, I gave him some chicken korma the other night and he loved it!  He isn't fussy and definitely loves his grub.  It's much easier now that Oscar is eating the same foods as us and not to mention cheaper.  Oscar loved the Ella's kitchen pouches but at £6 for 5, it does get costly.

Oscar loves a yap!  He is such a wee chatter box and when I try and persuade him to say mamama, I just get bababa, but I am confident mamama is coming ...

At the tail end of his 8 months, Oscar started teething again and I have to say it has been the worst episode of teething yet.  His nappies were terrible and he was quite unsettled through night, thankfully it has since past but I know it's not over.  One of his top teeth have started coming through so he now has 3!

So that's it for another month, until next time...

Kirsty x


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