Tuesday, 15 September 2015


For the past week my poor boy has had a viral flu bug, alongside a horrific ear infection, this is definitely the bad side of parenting!  Have a baby they said, it'll be fun they said!  No one tells you how awful it'll be to watch your little love cry and struggle when they're feeling under the weather!

99% of the time Oscar is a mischievous, happy go lucky, little boy.  This awful experience started just over a week ago, initially we thought he had developed another cold ( he gets them regularly from the nursery), usually it doesn't bother him, however a few days into the runny nose stage his face began burning up, we put this down to teething as he's currently cutting his back molars.  A day or so later the hot and cold sweats came and by Thursday he wasn't sleeping all night, instead he was up screaming the house down!  Mummy cuddles, baby ibuprofen and a warm bottle soon settled him back into a sleep, but it was short lived!  The following day he was tired but seemed fine, that evening the events of the night before began again!  We were due to travel to Newcastle to see my husband run the Great North Run, but on Saturday morning my boy was lifeless, could barley lift his head and his face was scarlet and burning!  I was scared! This was the worst I'd seen him!  We immediately called G-Docs and were given an emergency appointment.  An hour later Oscar had been seen - the diagnosis, a severe ear infection!  I say severe because the doctor was so shocked at how red his ear drums were, he said that he hadn't seen a toddler with both ears as bad as each other in a long time.

How bad do we feel as parents?!  Now I am not one of those parents who call the doc for every little thing, he's a baby of course he will pick things up, and even more so he's now at nursery, but if this weekend has taught me anything, its taught me not to wait!  In honesty, this is Oscar's 4th ear infection within a year (something I am not happy with) however the last time he got this, it was no where near as bad and the doctor told me it was normal, especially as the ear, nose and throat are all connected.  After being told on Saturday that he had another one, and that this one was bad, I made sure that I was seen by our own doctor on Monday.  I am so thankful that I booked in to see our own doctor as we have now been referred for a review.  Oscar's been on antibiotics since Saturday, yet his ears still appear overly red, the doctor wasn't too happy and said that although they won't do anything until he is 2, they will start the ball rolling!  

Of course I Googled the symptoms and possible outcomes - Google's diagnosis - YOUR SON WILL GO DEAF!  Why does it always present the worst case possible!  No my son won't go deaf, he may just need a little extra treatment here and there, but ultimately he will be fine.

The NHS and the doctors have been great, I know they often get a bit of a bashing, but when it comes to the little ones they don't mess around!  So a note to myself, in future, DONT WAIT so long! 

Kirsty x


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