Friday, 25 September 2015


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I am not jealous, envious or green eyed.  I do not stalk perfect instagram mum, I do not dream about owning all the pretty housie stuff perfect instagram mum owns, nor do I fantastise about being a millionaire and living in perfect instagram mum's house and having all her pretty accessories.... Oh ok I do!

I do, I do, I, do!  Instgram is one of my favourite apps, I follow hundreds of "perfect" instgram mums who always make things look easy, post pretty pictures, have clean houses, perfect tea mugs and live the most amazing life ... but do they? do they really live that life?

No, of course they don't!  They don't because perfect instagram mum DOES NOT exist, perfect instagram mum, that mum who uploads the pretty instagram pictures, everything all valencia filtered and looking pristine, instagraming pretty home decor, Kath Kiddson mugs and fitness magazines with porridge bowls, that Instagram mum is NOT REAL!

REAL Instagram mum clears a huge space on the floor, sweeping all the toys to the side, throws down a fluffy white rug that she purchased in Ikea for £5, gets out her staging lights (she's still in her pj's with baby snot all over them), and begins snapping her perfect items for her perfect Instagram.  Once she's done she uploads them, edits them and posts them with heart warming captions and the best hashtags around.   She then goes back to washing dishes, cleaning poopy bums and getting through the huge pile of washing that builds up everyday!

The internet, the blogging world, Facebook, twitter and Instagram is a wonderful place for creating perfect lives, but they aren't perfect, we are all human, and so is perfect Instagram mum.  Sometimes its easy to get lost in the thought that those other people live a better, happier more fulfilled life than you, but no one really knows what goes on behind the camera, behind a closed door, we only know what they want us to know.  I often go through blogs and Instagram and think, wow, I wish my life was as interesting as that or gee I'd love to have a home like that, own clothes like that and live a life like that but then I remember, it's not reality, or at least not completely.

But you know, I love it!  I love looking through Instagram, it gives me motivation when I lack it, and inspiration when I need it, so for that I thank you perfect Instagram mum, I thank you for allowing me to get lost in your perfect Instagram life on a daily basis and for keeping me sane in the afternoons when nap time finally comes around!  But always remember no one is perfect, but we are all real.

Kirsty x


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  1. It's so easy to forget that it really is just one (sometimes very staged) small part of a long day captured in that little square! While I like to see the pretty pictures and read about the good stuff, I'm always glad to come across a brutally honest real life, warts and all post as well.

    Christy x
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