Monday, 7 September 2015


Four weeks ago we celebrated Oscar's 1st birthday, our gorgeous wee bundle of joy is now one very boisterous, mischievous, curious little monkey that is now keeping us well and truly on our toes!  It's a cliche but where has the last year gone, seriously?

I remember bundling Oscar up in his lemon knitted blanked, fastening him into the car seat, and taking him home, I didn't sleep a wink for about a week, watching him as he slept peacefully in his moses basket, thinking wow we made you, and your perfect! 

Now ..... my head hits the pillow and I pray that he'll sleep all night, 6am rocks round and I know he'll be bouncing on my head, pulling my ears, shouting in my face, all whilst I try and grab just a few more winks of sleep before I eventually admit defeat and take him downstairs for breakfast.

But I wouldn't change any of it for all the riches in the world!

We wanted to make Oscar's 1st birthday one to remember after all he'll only turn 1 once, but for me I like to make a big deal about Birthdays.  As a child I always had birthday parties, cake and presents so I want to give Oscar the same.  We don't spoil him day to day (apart from updating his wardrobe regularly, mummy's guilty!) so I think it's warranted once a year. 

So for his very first birthday we hired the local church hall, invited all our family and all of his little friends, played party games, ate lots of finger food and even had a visit from a minion!  Oh and not forgetting cake, we ate LOTS of cake!

Oscar's cake was made by my very talented auntie who created a circus themed cake, which I requested as I thought it was super cute!  I hadn't seen it until the night before his party and I could have cried, I was so happy with it!  

After the celebrations we returned home and Oscar got stuck into his cake, he'd already eaten way to much sweet treats but it was his birthday after all so we made an exception! 

From 12 hours old to 12 months old!  Our gorgeous little baby is now a gorgeous little boy! 
We love you with all our hearts little O!


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