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Christmas is a wonderful time of year, it brings joy and happiness and a sense of togetherness, but it can also bring a whole load of stress.  In the past, December has always been a mix of stress and joy for me and also a bit of a financial worry.  When December arrives, I usually end up running around like a headless chicken trying to pull together Christmas, get everyone gifts, buy all the food and by the time Christmas eve comes around I am exhausted and I still have all the presents to wrap!  I always feel super stressed on Christmas eve and each year I promise myself It won't happen again. As Christmas 2014 drew to a close I launched my 2015 Christmas plan, I was adamant that this year would be the change and that I wouldn't be stressed out or financially stretched and broke by the 26th December.  I am elated to say that my plan has been executed to perfection and this year there will be no stress and absolutely NO financial worry!

Here's how I did it:

Paid for Christmas all year round!
As December 2014 came to an end and January rolled in, the first thing I did was sign up to a voucher plan with Park Savings.  My mother-in-law had been doing this for a few years and each year I'd wish I'd done it.  This is the best thing I could have done.  Each month, my husband and I took a set amount of cash out of our wages and allocated it to the vouchers, as the months went by we hardly noticed it leaving, we budgeted for it just like we do our bills.  We signed up for a 10 month plan and at the start of November we received our vouchers.  You can choose to take as much or as little as you wish, we now have enough to buy all our gifts and that's the bulk of Christmas done.  It feels so surreal that it's paid and that we don't have to worry about where Christmas is coming from this year.

Put Turkey on the table
A bit like the vouchers we invested in a ASDA savings card, this is something I have been doing for about 5 years now, and it's something I just don't miss, it's so inexpensive and a great way to spread the cost of your festive food shop. Each week I add £2 onto the card, over the year this amounts to just over £100.  The money on the card pays for our Christmas dinner and a few bottles of Prosecco! Sometimes theres even a few pounds left for a box of quality street, a Christmas tradition in this house!

Christmas Cards & Wrapping Paper
So last year, I picked up some Christmas cards and wrapping paper in the Marks & Spencers sale. The packs of cards and paper were less than half price, I think I spent around £8 and I now have 2 packs of 10 cards plus 4 rolls of paper. People probably thought I was crazy at the time, I actually used to be that person, thinking people were crazy but all along they were the clever ones!  Now that we're almost into December i'm totally organised with very little left to buy.  So, top tip, when the sales roll round in Jan, be sure to pick up some cards and wrapping paper, they'll never go to waste!

I cannot begin to tell you how elated I feel about this years festivities, with no financial worry, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted and that this year will be truly amazing.  Christmas is wrapped up, all we need to do now is put up the tree, get out the mince pies and enjoy the mulled wine!

Do you have any tips for a debt free Christmas?  How do you spread the cost?  If there is anything I'm missing please tell me, I'm down for more festive savings!

Kirsty x



  1. It sounds like you are going to have a wonderful Christmas this year without worrying. The asda card is a great idea adding every week. I always buy my wrapping paper in the sales, I buy a plain one that can also be used throughout the year for birthday presents. Last year each roll I bought was 10p from Tesco! I also start buying the next years birthday and Christmas presents in the boxing day sales and add to them throughout the year when sales, clearance sections are on. I bought two of Lucas' Christmas presents 2 months before he was born x Thanks for linking up #ChristmasLinky

  2. The ASDA saving card sounds like a great idea, I will have to look into this as I have been looking at food we need this week and turkeys are so expensive!! I also bought most of my cards, wrap, ribbon and tags in the sales and throughout the year when I have seen bits so don't need to buy any now! Its great to feel a bit more organised this year!! :)



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