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During my pregnancy I never once worried about the birth.  I know your probably thinking ye right? but it's true. Throughout my entire pregnancy I'd always tune into One Born Every Minute, I'd watch these woman and I'd be filled with excitement, I'd cry after every birth and I imagined how my husband and I would feel when our own baby came into the world.  I was intrigued, slightly anxious, excited, but never afraid.

As my due date approached, my midwife asked me to start thinking about my birth plan.  As I began going through the pages it became apparent to me that this whole process was a waste of time, I already had a plan... No Plan!  Early on in my pregnancy I decided that I wasn't going to be put off by horror stories, I accepted that it would be painful and I decided that I'd take it one step at a time and go with the flow.

Birthing Options:

I was booked into the midwife unit, a unit run solely by midwives, no doctors and very little pain relief available.  I was happy with this.  I wanted to try delivering my baby naturally with gas and air, I imagined my labour to be only a few hours long, I'd be in and out..

If that didn't go to plan then I'd be moved to the labour ward.  The labour ward was across the hall from the midwife unit, there were doctors on hand, varying pain relief options and lots of machines!  If I needed to be in this ward then that was ok too.  If my labour took an unexpected turn then I was happy in the knowledge that I'd have the right team of doctors and midwives on hand to deal with the situation.

Pain Relief:

Gas and Air, this is the bread and butter of any delivery, this stuff is said to be good, takes the edge off things.  I was looking forward to trying some of this stuff.

Morphine, a jab of this is said to take the edge of the contractions, I was down for that.

Epidural.  So this wasn't top of my agenda but if I needed it I'd take it.

Give me all the drugs!  I wasn't precious about which pain relief I was given, I was happy to go with the professionals advice.


My labour began around 10pm on the Wednesday evening, things progressed fairly quickly.  Within two hours my contractions were coming quickly and I was in the bath.  I remained in the bath for an hour.  I got to the hospital around 2.30am, I was checked by the midwife and then taken to the pool room within the midwife unit (this is the condensed version by the way, you can read my full birth story here).  I got into the bath, which surprisingly wasn't that great, however after an hour or so in the pool I came out to be checked, I'd dilated to 6cm.  Up until this point I'd had no pain relief at all.  Things were starting to get really sore, and I remember shouting that I wanted an epidural.  The midwife did her best to ignore me, but she did offer me a shot of morphine, which I accepted.  I'm not sure it worked. Shortly after getting the morphine my waters broke, unfortunately they were green, this meant the baby had poo'd, and I had to be moved to the labour ward as there was a possibility that the baby may have swallowed it's doodoo's and that's potentially very dangerous for the baby.  As they prepared to move me to the labour ward I was given some gas and air.  I'd held off taking it because I had convinced myself it would make me feel sick, mainly because I was already experiencing bad acid reflux and having had a spicy pasta for tea the night before, it wasn't great.

The gas and air was fab!  I arrived at the labour ward and I was feeling the urge to push.  I pushed for over an hour and the baby wasn't coming out, eventually I was advised that the doctor would need to come in and take a look, all the while I'm still on gas and air.  The doctor arrived and I was advised I needed forceps, at this point I really didn't care - GET THIS BABY OUT and a few other choice words were muttered!  Within around 20 minutes or the doctors intervening my baby boy was born.  In some cases you can be taken to theatre to have forceps but I didn't need to and in the end I was given a few jabs of anaesthetic and they wheek'd him out!

My labour was 9 hours in total, in the grand scheme of things that's bloody good going and I am extremely lucky!

In the end my no plan birth plan worked out exactly how I had planned.  Reflecting on my birth it couldn't have been more perfect, except for the forceps, but even then that wasn't a bad experience.  I am usually one for a plan, I like to know the details and whats what but for some reason I didn't want that for my birth, instead I just let nature take it's course and for me it played out well!

Did you have a birth plan?  Did it play out how you wanted?

Kirsty x


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  1. I had a massive birth plan with my first, I went very differently so I didn't bother with number 2 or 3 and they worked out just fine


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