Tuesday, 1 December 2015


I've seen this subject crop up quite a few times recently, the great debate about whether Santa brings all the presents or just some?  It got me thinking about the future, right now little O is too young to understand, but in a few years time he will fully understand Santa and no doubt his Christmas wish lists will be as long as my arm.  When I was young all of my presents came from Santa, well mostly all, there were a few gifts that came from my mum and dad, however the majority of the gifts were Santa stamped, as far as I was concerned my Santa was a top dude, I asked and he delivered.  It wasn't really an issue back then, all of my friends seemed to get what they had asked for too, however my hubs had a different take on the whole thing, he doesn't want Oscar thinking Santa brings it all, he presented a different approach, one I wasn't so sure on.

Initially I was happy with the "Santa brings them all" deal, however my hubs made a few valid points; What if Santa can't get his hands on a specific item? What if a certain item was a bit out of our price range? What if something he asked for was out of stock but another child he knew got one? How would we explain that Santa brought one child something he asked for but not him, how do we explain that Santa can't afford the latest games console, but the child next door got one.  All of these points were valid, and I had never thought of it that way before.  I have no idea how I would explain any of that to Oscar.  After some thought and a little bit of research into other traditions we've decided that we'll split the presents up.  Some of the gifts will come from Santa, the less costly items, along with the stocking items, and the more expensive items will come from us.

Aside from the above, I want to teach Oscar the value of money and appreciation.  As sad as it is, there are still children in this day and age that are less fortunate than he is, some children don't receive any gifts at christmas and that's sad, I wouldn't want Oscar thinking that whatever he asks for he gets, at least if he knows that mummy and daddy buy the bigger gifts, and Santa brings the smaller gifts, it may help him understand should we encounter any of the afore mentioned situations and ultimately make it easier for us to explain.  All of that aside I don't want the magic of Christmas to be hindered by who bought what.  Christmas is a wonderful time of year, its a time for giving, appreciating and spreading love.  After all, I believe that your only truly rich in life when you have those you love around you, and that is what I want Oscar to grow up knowing and believing.  

What's your thoughts on the subject?  How do you sort out the giving and receiving of presents from Santa?  I'd love to hear your take on it, please leave your comments below.

Kirsty x


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