Wednesday, 2 December 2015


At 16 months you'd still expect that perfect, cutsey, angelic child, so wonderful and cherub like, right?! WRONG!  At 16 months old I appear to have the devil child, the child who won't take a telling, the child who now apparently stamps his feet at the word no, and the child who now hits, yes HITS!  What the hell is going on? come back angel child I miss you!

Over the last few weeks Oscar has started to hit anyone and anything in his path if he thinks they deserve it, admittedly he usually strikes when he's throwing a paddy or he's been told no.  It's a rather embarrassing situation when your child decides to hit another child because you've said no, this happened to me last week whilst attending a children's party, queue an extremely embarrassed mummy!  Has my perfect child turned into THAT KID, you know the one you avoid because their a little sh*t.

Fear not, I've read the wonder weeks, and this is all normal...apparently....I hope.  According to the child bible, my son is at that age where he only knows one method of displaying his anger/upset, and that's to hit out.  I'm making out as thought he is an absolute horror that is out of control, when in reality, that's not the case at all.  He usually has these episodes when he's tired, however it's embarrassing none the less.  This parenting milarky really is challenging at times, and it's tested my patience to no end, I'm working on mastering the 'look', you know the one, the one you feared as a child, the one you knew meant you were in for it.  The hubs only needs to say 'OSCAR' and he knows he's being naughty, he's cottoned on that, that means no, however when I try and enforce my authoritative tone I'm usually ignored, laughed at or a full on tantrum ensues.  Why won't he take a telling from me?

Whatever is going on, I am hopeful that this is a phase and that he will grow out of it when he fully understand right from wrong.  I've started holding him in front of me and calmly saying No, before I would shout at him, but I think it made it worse, but to be honest the calm approach doesn't really work either.... give me strength!

In summary he is NOT that kid, he's just developing and testing his limits, if he didn't he wouldn't be learning, its frustrating all the same, but it's part and parcel of parenthood!

From one mama to another, if you've got some advice on dealing with tantruming toddlers, please share it!

Kirsty x

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