Tuesday, 5 January 2016


Happy New Year to you all!  I hope you all had a lovely time whatever you were doing!  We had a blast but I am glad to be getting back to normal.  I am so ready for 2016, for a fresh start, a clean slate and 366 days to create a whole new story.

Last year was a little all over the place for me in regards to the Blog and my Youtube Channel.  You may or may not have read in a previous post about my need to always be busy, always doing something new.  Well that finally caught up with me and it all got too much.  In the latter part of 2015 I began shutting down all those things that were consuming me and thought long and hard about where I wanted to focus my energy.  The blog has always been a love of mine, but it suffered at the hands of my many other projects.  Youtube has also always been something that I have loved.  I absolutely love creating content of my own, I've found a new love in vlogging, it's creating a huge bank of memories for our family to treasure for years to come.  This year I am putting my focus on the Blog and my Youtube channel.  I want to pour all my energy into doing something that I truly enjoy and love and something that I can share with my family without having to leave them too often.  I've set myself some goals for 2016, not resolutions but goals.  Here's what's on the goal agenda...

I've not been consistent enough in my approach to blogging nor my Youtube channel.  This is something that I plan to rectify immediately.  I have already set an uploading schedule for my channel, uploads will be made on Sunday's & Wednesday's.  Sunday's will host our weekend vlogs and Wednesday's will be a random upload, something that I want to share, it may be mummy/parenting related, fashion or beauty related, fitness or health related, it may even be craft related.  Wednesday will be a day for anything I think fits under my umbrella and for anything that I enjoy.  Subscribe HERE

I read and watch so many bloggers and vloggers every day but I am really bad at engaging with the creators.  I've read a lot of posts on 'blogging tips' recently and a common theme amongst them all is engagement.  In the past I have been disheartened by the lack of comments or visits to my blog/youtube channel, but on reflection it really is my own fault. How can I expect anyone to find me  if I don't make myself known.  I am making a conscious effort to comment on all of the blog posts and videos that I read and watch.

About 2 years ago I invested in a Canon 60D, I wanted it for my blogging, I was going to be a whiz a taking photos, nice, professional, blog worthy photos.  Well, to this day I still don't know how to use my camera to it's full potential.  At Christmas my husband surprised me and bought me the Canon G7X, I wanted it for vlogging and had planned to buy it with my Birthday money.  I'd researched it for months, watched review after review and I finally decided it was for me.  I now have two amazing pieces of equipment, so this year I am going to ensure that I learn how to use these babies to the best of their abilities!

I am a bit of a nightmare when it comes to being organised, I'm a last minute kinda gal!  However, 2016 is my year to make a change.  I have created my own Blogging/Youtube planner and I am going to do my best to get posts planned, researched and stock piled so that I always have content ready and scheduled when required.  In order for me to be consistent I need to ensure I am prepping and planning in advance - watch this space!

This year as well as focusing my efforts on the Blog and Youtube Channel, I am also going to work hard on my social media platforms.  I currently use Instagram and Facebook the most, however, I want to seriously up my game on Twitter and Pinterest.  I plan to work on my settings and ensure everything is aligned and in order to ensure that my tags are being maximised and content is being categorised correctly in order for people to find my posts more easily.

So, there you have it, my 5 Blogging/Vlogging goals for 2016.  If you're on a Blogging/Vlogging mission this year and have set yourself some goals I'd love to read them, please leave me your links below!

Kirsty x

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