Saturday, 9 January 2016


Back in october, after a few months of stalking The Body Coach on Instagram and watching the amazing progress of others I decided to take the plunge and sign up.  I was so excited to get my plan and smash it.  I got 3 weeks in and then Oscar was admitted to hospital, he was only in one night but in the lead up to that he had been unwell for several weeks, just one thing after another.  My focus on the plan began to dwindle, after the hospital visit it all went down hill - of course I could have jumped back on the bandwagon but my head wasn't in it.  Before I knew it Christmas was upon me and I had been swept up in all of the festivities.  I know that it's all excuses, however now that Christmas is out of the way and I have several weddings this year, one of which I am bridesmaid, my sole focus is losing weight, getting strong and changing my eating habits for good!

The plan itself is £149 for 3 months.  I personally think it's a great deal.  Prior to signing up with the Body Coach I had looked into other online caching programmes, I actually did pay £25 for an eating plan, however it was so difficult to follow, I gave up almost instantly.  Other coaching programmes which offered what the body Coach does were coming in at around £100 - £120 a month.  Baring in mind this is an online programme and your not receiving any from of personal training, £100-£120 is a little pricey in my opinion.

When I got the plan and read over it, I couldn't believe how comprehensive it was, yet so simple to understand and follow.  It really is an education and once you get into it, it's really easy to maintain.  From the first few weeks of being on the plan I can honestly say that the first week is a little bit all over the place.  Try not to feel bad or lose heart, remember this is a huge change.  Prep is key!  I found in the first week and a half it was all about finding a way to work the plan into your life, trying the recipes and establishing a routine with the exercise.  My progress after only 15 days was amazing.   My stomach had decreased, I no longer felt bloated, my skin was getting better and I generally felt good about myself, which, in my opinion, is what is important.  See my two week results below.

The week before Christmas I reconnected with my coach, who by the way is fab!  We discussed my plan and decided that I would get back on it as soon as New Year was out of the way, and so here we are.  I've decided to film the journey, it may motivate me to keep my focus.  Check out my first impressions in my intro video, and don't forget to subscribe to see my progress.


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