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I've been on the plan 2(ish) weeks now so I thought I'd do my first update, I filmed the update too, which I have linked below for those of you who would prefer to watch it rather than read it.

I say 2(ish) weeks as I loosely began following the plan on the 11th of January, however that was also the week of my Birthday and my Brother's so there were lots of celebrations happening that week, meals out, drinks, the like.  On the days when I wasn't celebrating I followed the plan and cooked the meals as required.  I didn't want to delay the plan for another week so instead I decided to follow it loosely, and at least give myself a bit of a head start.  I also didn't want to put it off as I am trying to be more proactive this year rather than procrastinating.

How I'm finding it?

The following week I went full steam ahead and I have now been following the plan more religiously, introducing the HIIT Workouts and ensuring that I am eating everything I need to.  I am struggling a little bit with the amount of water I need to consume but I am doing my best.  This time round I am definitely more focused and I have really been enjoying the plan.  I was never a fan of stodgy, fried, freezer food before so I guess thats made the transition a little easier, we always ate fresh food, but it seems I wasn't eating enough.  

Initially I tried to bulk prep all of my food for the week on a Sunday but I was finding this too time consuming and I didn't enjoy it.  I have since stopped doing that, and I have been prepping in the evenings instead.  When I cook my evening meal I always make an extra two portions and then freeze them for later in the week or the week after.  Snacks are fairly quick and easy to prepare so I also do that in the evenings.  I will occasionally cook a few batch meals on a Sunday but I wont be making it a habit.  I feel that this works for me and I can manage it better that way.

How much on food?

There seems to be a whole thing around how much eating clean and healthy can cost.  In the past I too believed it was so expensive, however, I switched to Lidl about a year or so ago and now my shopping is almost half of what I would pay if I was to shop in Tesco/Asda/Sainsburys.  Whilst I still use the more commercial supermarkets for cleaning products and some brand essential items, the majority of my shop is done in Lidl.  I personally prefer their meat, fruit and veg over any of the other supermarkets, simply because it's much leaner, theres less water content in the chicken and the lean mince is literally the leanest I've seen around.  I bulk buy chicken, so most weeks I buy 2kg of Chicken and it only costs me £10, once I add on all my fresh fruit and veg, along with some fish, sausages, eggs, fruit and other bits and bobs, nuts etc. my shop comes out at around £50.  If I do the same shop in Tesco/Asda then I'm usually around £75-£80, so its a huge saving!  Make the switch people! 

What I use the most

Whilst on this plan you will need a LOT of tupperware.  We make extra each night as mentioned so we freeze a lot, I also take measured amounts of cottage cheese, sauces, nuts etc and use smaller tupperware dishes for that too. Courgette spaghetti is my lasted love, so if you can get a spiralizer it will be a god send when it comes to making courgette spaghetti.  Spices are a must on this plan, a lot of meals are coated in spice or used to add flavour.  Tesco do their own brand of spices and I have found them to be the cheapest.  Buy a few each week to make it a little easier to spread the cost.

What I've been eating 

The plan comes with a whole load of recipes, the majority of them are delicious!  There are a few that I am not keen on, however that doesn't mean to say others don't love them.  My husband loves the lean turkey mince, I don't.  There is plenty of options to choose from and along as you eat whats in the plan you can deconstruct it and make up your own variations to suit.  Some of my favourites include:

The Build up Bagel - this is a carb refuel meal (post workout), The Chicken Stir Fry - this is my absolute favourite, The Thai Green Curry - amazing! The Satay Chicken, another yummy dish that I would never believe is "good" for me as its so moreish and the Orange & Chicken salad.

Support is necessary

I really believe that support is necessary on such a plan, your effectively changing your lifestyle, trying to break free of the habits you have mastered for years.  I am thankful that my husband is 100% supportive and has decided to just eat what I eat to make shopping and cooking easier.  I understand that not everyone has that internal support system, and whilst my husband is supportive he doesn't want to hear me banging on about my greek yoghurt or midget trees every minute of the day, but there are some people who do.  I came across a group on Facebook which is an unofficial group, however everyone in the group are either on the plan, completed the plan or thinking about joining.  There are over 20K people in the group, it's very active and the support is unreal.  I highly recommend joining the group for motivation and support on the days you may need an extra boost.  You can find the group HERE.  Another great source of motivation and support is Instagram.  By searching hashtags such as #thebodycoach, #leanin15, #90daysssplan, you will find hundreds of others on the plan, I find that by seeing others results, meals and motivating posts it really pushes me on and keeps me going.  If you haven't signed up to Instagram then I highly recommend it.


When I filmed the update below I was 2 (ish) weeks in, I am now into my 3rd week and whilst I haven't been weighing myself I can already feel the difference, especially in some of my work clothes that were getting just that wee bit tight!  The Exercise at the minute is simply just HIIT (high intensity interval training) sessions.  If you are new to exercise don't worry to much, just do what you can.  No one can expect you to smash out a full HIIT session and be fine.  I have been doing HIIT sessions on and off for years so I know what to expect and when I first started it took me a good few weeks to be able to complete one fully.  Whilst the sessions can often be a thought, once I get going I LOVE it!  I feel 100% better afterwards, my mind feels clear and I am so motivated.  Even if you aren't on the plan and you are following the book, definitely push yourself to squeeze in a HIIT session a few times a week, it will not only help with the weight loss but your sanity too!  The best bit, they are only 25 minutes long!

Check out my latest update below and don't forget to subscribe to my channel for regular updates on my progress as well as progress pics!

Kirsty x

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